Coin Wars: Episode I - The Rise of CEL
 Jan 2, 2021 by Douglas Johnson

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Today, CEL reached above $6, unlocking our exclusive new video, a tour-de-force that we know you'll enjoy.
So dim the light, increase the volume and enjoy the show.


Episode I


It is a period of financial revolution. Since the creation of Bitcoin, thousands of coins have been released into the crypto galaxy. But many are useless and holding onto power in the top 100 list of Coin Market Cap.

But there is a new hope. One coin named CELSIUS wants to unbank the world and lead the crypto universe, by reaching the 3rd rank, and joining Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Pursued by CEL, the crypto elite finds refuge onto their spaceship. But CEL learned about their position through a tip from The Financer and may have the chance to rise to the top 10 rank and move closer to restore financial freedom to the crypto galaxy. . . .

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