Celsius AMA Bullet Points – March 5, 2021
 Mar 5, 2021 by Douglas Johnson

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Another week, another AMA from Alex Mashinsky and his team from Celsius Network.

Our brilliant member Pervy Sage took laser-focused bullet points for those who don't have the time to watch the entire video:

- Another week of record deposits, signups.

-Added Apple Pay for in-app purchases

- Reintroducing CEL 33% LTV loans next week.

- 3 Exchanges will list CEL. 2 of them will announce next week.

- Proposal to get CEL on AAVE (Community effort)

- In-App chat bot/Website chat bot

- 350% Increase in employees. Predicted 400 employees by June

- 1 touch initiative for Support, solve problems in one sitting. 48 Hour Support Times. Trying to cut in half.

- Accredited US investors can earn in CEL in April. Those tokens will be locked for a year. US investors can still take loans against locked tokens.

- Finance team did over 2,000 OTC transactions. Increase in corporate accounts. Over 500+ now.

-Several Mega Deals (SOOOON :,( )

- UK Audit Available Now / Another ChainAnalysis Audit coming soon

- Proof of Community (Working with Horizon and other companies). Real time data, full transparency while protecting sensitive info. Coming soon.

- 2nd equity round – Minimum of 1k, same as last round.

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