Celsius AMA Bullet Points feat. Nuke - April 9, 2021
 Apr 9, 2021 by Douglas Johnson

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After an incredible week for CEL on the market, Celsius CTO Nuke Goldstein joined Alex Mashinsky for a new AMA, which we cover with laser-sharp bullet points. Straight to the point. Time is money.

- Today, Celsius released their Web app to 1,400 ambassadors as a pilot phase. The address is https://app.celsius.network.
- Alex shares txstreet.com, a visual representation of BTC and ETH issuing blocks.
- Celsius had an influx of $1.14B of AUM in the past week.
- The tier 1 exchange from Asia will list CEL next week.
- The Celsius Web app will be available to all in a couple of weeks.
- Proof of Community will be launched in May.
- Nuke will be moving from New York to Tampa, Florida and will try opening a Celsius Innovation Center.
- If Celsius was a bank, at current AUM, it would be the 174th bank in the world. Still 173 steps to go.
- Nuke: "The world is not ready for Mashinsky."
Alex: "In the future, everything is already done!"
- A portion of the in-app swap solution should be available in May.

And a big thank you to Nuke and Alex for the warm message! :)

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By South Texas Celsian on 2021-07-20 11:46:57 ET
This was a great episode and hope we see more of Nuke on future ones. I know he was on one after this one from Tampa. It would be good to see an episode with a little video of Nuke giving BTS of his Tampa office and what his Florida life is etc
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