Celsius AMA Bullet Points (July 16, 2021)
 Jul 16, 2021 by 1-866-HODL-NOW

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Today, Alex Mashinsky and Zach shared some details on yet another busy week. This time, they were joined by Carl, an employee of Celsius, as well as Rob Viglione, co-founder and CEO of Horizen Labs. Let's dive in on the most important nuggets of information disseminated throughout the excellent AMA.

- Alex Mashinsky explained in simple terms what is the purpose of the zkAudit through a partnership with Horizen. ”Our secret is: we created yield on Bitcoin, we want to share that information, that’s our secret, but we know we cannot let anybody know all the details about this secret, so we need to package it – to wrap it (…) and present it in a form that other people can consume.”
- Added on that, Zach mentioned that ”you put your money in a bank and then it just disappears. You don’t know where it goes, what happens with it, if it’s given to someone else or whatever. You just put it in there and hope that it comes back to you later on. We’re turning that model upside down, showing unparalleled clarity to where assets are moving and how yield is being generated.”
- Rob Viglione, from Horizen: ”What we’re trying to do is to disrupt audit. (…) Just like in banking, you’ve got to rely on bankers, in audit you’ve got to rely on the big four audit firms. (…) We want a near real time decentralized blockchain-based audit application, that’s exactly what zkAudit is. (…) In a trust-less world, you need to have some pillars of trust.”
- Celsius aims for other firms to use this new standard and shows that it wants to not only work with the regulators, but keep pushing the boundaries on the way to make business in the financial world.
- Alex: “Ronald Reagan said trust but verify, that’s what we’re doing here. We do expect our community to trust us, but now you can also verify independently of us, you can verify on the blockchain if the things we are telling you are correct and accurate or not.”
- More on that on this press release.
- Alex Mashinsky on future mining opportunities: ”We’re making additional investments in mining, not just in Canada but in several locations. We’ll be making public announcements about that and it’s coming soon.”
- Alex: ”We’re waiting for Fireblocks to add Horizen, the minute they add them, then (...) we’ll be adding ZEN as one of our supported coins.”
- Investor Michael Saylor will join Alex Mashinsky as a guest star in one of the next MOIP shows. If you want to ask questions to Michael, drop a mail to Alex at ceo@celsius.network.
- Celsius will join the next Bitcoin 2022 convention. ”We’re in!” (Alex).
- LUNA is coming on the platform very soon. Probably within the next week or so.
- If you are an accredited investor, you can email Accredited@Celsius.Network in order to be marked as such within their system.
- In-app swaps is targeted for August 12.
- The dark mode for the Web app is coming end of August.
- Interest in CEL for accredited investors should be ready for August 26 as the start of the rewards in CEL for them.
- Statistics from last week: 13,432 new users, $356.8M transfers in, $179M transfers out, netting $177.7M for the week.
- The new equity round should launch within the next few weeks.

Rewatch the AMA here:

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By User46 on 2021-07-16 22:41:25 ET
Thanks for posting this! I can't always make it to the AMA's. These bullet points are great!
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By IonicInky on 2021-07-18 06:13:41 ET
I enjoy the bullet points even after watching the whole AMA, it's like a supersonic synopsis power up for keeping my HODL mode on Full throttle.
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By South Texas Celsian on 2021-07-20 11:45:39 ET
I watch all the AMAs but always good to have a break down and easier way to share it with others or to get a good recap if you do not have the 90 minutes to watch the episode. Thanks!
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