The Machine Is Back In California!
 Aug 6, 2021 by 1-866-HODL-NOW

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For their 84th episode, Alex Mashinsky and Zach were joined by Simon Callaghan, a Celsius employee from Sydney working at the OTC desk. Here are some of the main highlights from the show:

- Zach: “We are opening up loans in California. The day has finally come!”
It will be live in the app end of next week.

- $2.74B in assets ready to earn in CEL with US accredited investor sign ups.

- "Every time I drive across the graveyard in Queens on my way to the Hamptons, I've never seen a tombstone that said: 'This person died with this much money!' (...) This is about giving back and creating wealth and opportunities for others."
— Alex Mashinsky

- "We listed BNB and BUSD on Celsius, I think it's time for Binance now to list Celsius on Binance. (...) I'm publicly calling on CZ
to reciprocate. CZ, giving is receiving, it's time to list the CEL token, comon, let's do it!"
— Alex Mashinsky

Rewatch the AMA below:

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