Las Vegas Bullet Points
 Nov 20, 2021 by The Hodler

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- 1-866-HODL-NOW is the new number for Celsius’ call center. 50 agents will be live starting Monday to take your questions.
- Alex Mashinsky took the very first call live during the AMA.
- Eligible US accredited investors will be able to earn in CEL starting December if they made at least one OTC deal. If you want to make an OTC deal, send an email to otc@celsius.network.
- The official closing date of the equity round with the investors is December 1st. Then, the goal is to open it to the community, with an allocation of $25M.

- Alex Mashinksy putting the name of Celsius onto a Las Vegas stadium:

- The burn tokens:

- The last statistics:

- The current promo codes:

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