The flywheel is a description of the core business principle from Celsius Network. It has no real beginning and no end, as it keeps running in an endless loop.
To its core, Celsius Network lends the coins that its members deposit in order to collect interest from institutions. Celsius only keeps roughly 20% of the revenue (often less), and redistribute around 80% of the revenue to its community, including through the repurchase of CEL tokens on the open market.
On top of it, Celsius has other revenue-generating activities that are not described through the flywheel, such as cryptocurrency mining operations and more.



1 Lend Coins
2 Collect Interest in Coins
3 Buy CEL
4 Distribute to Members
5 User Wallet Balances Increase
6 Issue Loans
7 Collect Interest
8 Distribute to Members

Sources of Yield
Celsius Network's five primary sources of yield are:
- Institutional borrowers
- Retail borrowers
- Providing liquidity to exchanges
- DeFi arbitrage/market making
- Mining


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