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Learn About Celsius Network - Meetup #19
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24050 Copper Hill Dr, Valencia, CA 91354


May 28, 2022


11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PDT

Pull up a chair! Have a coffee and let’s talk about Celsius Network - Your Home For Crypto. What is Celsius Network and how can learning about them help me with my finances? Come see a general overview of Celsius Network and how we are trying to reach the next 100 million people! Come and see what the buzz is all about! We meet in-person and virtually (hybrid format) every two weeks at Havana Savannah Coffee Shop.

SCV Crypto Group is Santa Clarita Valley’s first support center for cryptocurrency education. We are here to help spread awareness and assist with your financial goals using digital assets and cryptocurrency with Celsius Network. Please join, share, and ask questions! You have a neighbor in crypto!

Message us below or on Twitter @SCVCrypto if you would like to join the virtual meeting. We'll send you the Google Meet link.

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