AMA: Episode 49 - December 4, 2020
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all right december 4th um covet is just out of control unfortunately um over uh uh 400 deaths uh in 24 hours so definitely uh our thoughts and prayers with all the people are affected all the people are in the hospitals um definitely looks like we we have not hit the worst of it right the worst is still ahead of us so uh stay safe that's the most important thing right take care of your family and everything else comes after i hope you like our new setup a microphone we got better lighting we got a super fancy camera and uh i'm gonna be sharing a bunch of stuff with you guys in the next few minutes so a few things to share this week we have a promo so don't leave until uh zach announces a promo at some point towards the end of the show um we also um have a bunch of great announcements so uh me and zach will be um sharing that uh today and on top of that we're gonna be giving away a thousand dollars throughout the show so wow you're so generous with your um referral code found in the app on the profile page and we'll just be picking out winners boom hundred dollars here i know hundred dollars there ten ten winners a hundred dollars each just because you are a celsium no you don't need to do anything right i love it great great uh promo you see i didn't even know anything about that so um so swaps are coming again the first going to be available to the platinum users and then to everybody else so that's uh towards either the end of december or beginning of january um um yesterday we had uh close to an all-time record we had a day that was higher than that but yesterday we had 17 million in net deposits which is great so i want to thank everybody for all of your trust and obviously again we still don't have enough eath we put a lot of ethan to eat 2.0 so we could have had to commit for that we we deployed a lot of loans so definitely need uh more eth and we need more stable coins so definitely um uh we'll be actually pushing um a campaign also uh either this week in the beginning of next week uh to just focus on uh stable coins and give you extra cash if you deposit stable coins so watch out for that email if you're not signed up to our emails go to our homepage celsius.network go all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see a a way where you can sign up you can add your email to the distribution list okay um we got the a lot of you complained that the otc desk was uh 25 000 or more so we got that lowered to 10 000. so now if you want to do 10 000 or more in cell to be more inclusive uh you can email otc at celsius.network people send me emails asking me what is the email for otc otc at celsius.network don't ask me what that is i keep saying that every week and you can buy uh ten thousand if you buy more you'll get that discount right we we give up to five percent discount the more you buy the more discount you get from the spot price again we accept bitcoin ethereum stable coins or wire transfer so we have a big surprise for you on monday there's a big interview going live a lot of you were asking for that to happen so i'm not going to tell you what it is but it's coming monday right and last week or this week sorry we told you the chain analysis announcement's coming out we actually got uh bloomberg tv to do an interview i'm doing an interview with them it's actually three blocks from here uh bloomberg tv on 60 on 60th street and lexington avenue i live on 63rd right three blocks down and that's why we delayed the chain analysis announcements so probably there's going to be an article in cointelegraph and an interview bloomberg so watch out for that we're always going to list these things on our youtube channel so if you are if you don't know if you can't find it live or you want to watch stuff later always go to youtube go to celsius network and you'll see all that contact contest content there sorry um all right let's see what else so so i wanted to talk a little bit about voip and moip right so voice of ip money over ip uh many of you know i usually don't talk about voip for whatever reason and but i would definitely want to share with you the um the work uh that i've done so so um so basically for about 10 years i i was traveling all over the world right uh meeting with phone companies meeting with different entrepreneurs to convince people that voice of ip is the future and that all of telephony is going to migrate from from a system that existed for 100 years into something completely new called the internet and and actually i got booted out of a bunch of conferences where i remember conferences in 95 and 96 where the big phone companies were the dominant um sponsors where they actually removed me from the conference i was speaker and they didn't like what i said and they basically said look you're not welcome here even though we invited you as a speaker so the path for voice of ip was not easy it wasn't like oh everybody was like just oh let me download it on my on my app on my phone you know that's not how it started right and the phone companies did everything they could to block us from being successful because they knew that all of their livelihood all of the revenues are gonna disappear if we're gonna go from that two dollars a minute to uh free right this is voip and we're using it for free right so so i put together um basically the all the places that i visited obviously it's not all of them but it's a chunk of them and it actually posted some time ago on my youtube on my youtube i put i posted it on my a um twitter and you can see here events going back sorry for this obviously it's been it's been in storage for a while but you can see here events going back to 93 94 1994 right 1993. uh so this this is what it takes this is just one i mean there's several of these right but this is what it takes to get something like voices right before and void or money of ip takes much more right so before covert before uh we had let's see there's a little glare there but let me try to maybe here i'll put it here maybe ah here we go how about that so before coven i presented in 200 conferences 200 different conferences you see all the different places here going back all the way to 2016 and 17 here's me and my wife traveling on a motorcycle and these are all the accolades and all the things we got you know speaker speaker conference at indeed blah blah blah right but that's what it takes you know carpe diem you see on the bottom so that's what it takes hopefully i won't break these tvs to bring right to unbank yourself and migrate from the traditional banking system to the new world of finance and and what what at stake here is much more than what was at stake with the phone companies if you think about the battle with the phone companies which i won several times right uh putting wireless in the subway in new york definitely believe me none of the phone companies wanted me to do that it was like gym membership finally people got to be underground and not have service meaning the phone companies didn't they paid they still charge you that monthly fee but they didn't give you anything in return you were underground you didn't have any reception so winning against the phone companies was really almost like a practice like a practice run compared to going at it for the banks why because the banks control all the money in the world we talk about all the money in the world how hard do you think they're gonna fight to make sure that they keep the profit instead of giving the profits back to you right so hundreds and hundreds of events of conferences not just me also obviously many of the celsius the team members the my co-founder everybody right work working traveling all over the world presenting educating people explaining to people that it's even possible even today i mean most people i meet who come from traditional finance or from traditional life think that this is a crazy idea that this will never happen neither the government nor the banks will allow any any of this to happen so and the truth is that again um right this is about the people it's about what giving the power back to the people voice of ip is taking the power away from the phone companies and giving it back to the people using the internet right and money over ip or moib right is taking the power from the banks by not depositing money there by basically convincing more and more people to not deposit money over there we don't have to bring down the banks if we just stop depositing money there we are sucking the power away from them because the only reason they have power is because we give the money for free we don't ask anything back and giving it to someone who's acting in your best interest empowering the people who are acting in your best interest and taking power away from the people who are not acting the best interest so that was kind of my uh voip to moip a visualization right visceral uh view for you guys to see what what it takes right so this is not something we just started a few months ago or or you know we got lucky and we got all these billions of dollars in deposits we've been working at this for several years with exactly the same mission that's nothing has changed right everything i've been saying to you i've been saying in 2015 and 16 and 17 before uh everybody knew what celsius is so moving on so um so let's talk about covet a little bit right so obviously uh covert is a horrible thing but there is uh something positive that comes out of it right and and i did talk about this in one of the amas uh earlier this year i think either in march uh or april so if you want to look it up you'll see me talking about this topic before as well but the the opportunity uh with covid is that think of covet as this accelerant right covet is accelerating the digital adoption so anything that would have to otherwise take 10 years because we're all stuck in our homes and we can travel and we can't go to work and we can meet people because of all those things suddenly things that would have otherwise taken 10 years to get mass adoption get mass adoption overnight right and because of that there's transformation in the entire economy so parts of the economy u.s economy global economy parts of the economy are migrating or transforming themselves from being focused on how things used to be to immediately jumping 10 years into the future and doing things the way they will be done 10 years from now right so an obvious things are okay i'm gonna sign up to um you know amazon prime and i'm gonna have everything shipped to me because i don't wanna go to the supermarket i don't wanna go shopping in the mall and all this other stuff but other things much less obvious things are happening without most of us noticing and the opportunity for all of us right the opportunity for every one of you you who lost your job you who got furloughed you who got basically your business is suffering or closed down right the opportunity is to transform yourself reinvent yourself into this new digital economy and the reason this is so important is because normally in life we are put on a certain track and that's what we are we're stuck there that's it this is our family this is our work this is our career and here you're forced to reinvent yourself you want it you don't want it you're gonna have to reinvent yourself and the opportunity for all of you is to again figure out what skill set you have that applies to this new digital economy that can make you be better than most other people be much more successful than you were before because before you were working for this or that company and you were using 10 of your skills and now you have an opportunity to learn something new transform yourself get into the digital economy get involved ahead of other people be in the front of this transformation instead of at the back of it and do much much better for yourself right so the bad news the bad stuff that's happening every day is also an opportunity but it's only an opportunity if you do something about it and getting involved in crypto getting getting to basically focus on your financial uh well-being and all that stuff is definitely are definitely things that uh that are one step already in that direction right being a being a pro at digital currencies is a very unique skill less than one percent of the people on the planet even know that it exists so if you are a pro at it right you're the one percent of the one percent right even though you don't need to have millions of dollars it's not about being rich and being in cryptocurrencies it's about being a professional knowing more than others and like i said always joke that the pros pros like me are maybe six months ahead of you that's it it's such a new industry that no one is an expert everybody is still uh learning about it so those are the kind of the two topics of the day and uh i definitely have some uh news that i want to share with you so let's take a look uh zach let's uh share the screen yep um i'm gonna start picking winners so um all right you see a referral on the screen i'm going to save it and those are going to be our winners so we'll uh just keep rolling those out throughout the show and you can use any of these referrals i think these are 20 referrals right every one of these posts right yep so if if any of you are just watching this for the first time you can pick any of these numbers when you open an account with celsius you enter that number and you get dollars and the person whose code it is also gets twenty dollars so and thanks for doing it and again you can post that anywhere right so as long as you explain to people what the referral code is you can post it on your youtube on your twitter on your instagram or whatever and just invite people to join and again if they join you get twenty dollars they get twenty dollars so this is how we uh we wanna do it because we rather give you guys the money than spend it on facebook or google or whatever right i mean now we go we're going to spend millions of dollars instead of giving it to the advertising companies why wouldn't we just give it to our community give it to the people who already are inside the community and give some of it half and half right and half of it to the people who are just joining our community so why isn't everybody doing that right so here we are so we let's look at the first screen i'm just switching you can see my screen zach we're good yep good to go all right so so this is an article that just came out and on coin telegraph um you know uh great article if you want to read it uh me talking about the uh the bull market and uh where prices are going and stuff like that okay it's on the coin telegraph uh also we launched the web dashboard right we talked to you about the web portal or the web app so this is the first version uh celsiusboard.com it's only available to people who sign up to the beta so there's about 100 people or so and you can basically go here you enter your api key which is uh available on your phone to me can i get my phone for a sec thanks so so if you uh if you go to your app and and you wanna basically the service will be available soon it's not available right now but i just wanna show you where this stuff happens so if you if you go to your app right the main menu you just click on your profile and on under the profile if you go to uh to basically uh to the api there's a button here that says api right you you should be able to basically create the profile create an api key which goes into the site and then on the site you'll be able to get all your information so so this is the first step in our web portal but it's also the place where the proof of community is going to come to be and again another piece of the proof of community is our announcement with chain analysis again coming out next wednesday it's a few days from now and other pieces will follow right so you'll be able to do all the stuff we're doing with the horizon a uh blockchain where we're gonna be recording all the information there so you can verify our balances our loans the income did we actually pay uh all the stuff that we're supposed to pay uh properly all that stuff will be available and coming every month you'll see another release uh related to this this is the first release and uh you'll be seeing more coming soon so i wanted to share with you uh coin paprika again i love the site if you don't know if you guys are using it or not but if you look at the kind of the top coins and you look uh uh at celsius we're ranked at number 27 with a market cap of just over one billion dollars right so so again different ratings and different sites cointel coin market cap for example is owned by uh binance if you didn't know that they have their own way of ranking things and we are ranked completely different there the market cap there is maybe half of what it is here so if you want fair numbers independent views of where celsius is in the ranks in the top 100 i would use coin paprika or coin gecko another article that i wrote on nasdaq came out recently uh why you shouldn't be surprised by the bitcoin rally so if you haven't read it again just do a search for this title and you should be able to find it uh i predicted at least six or seven times this year in in february in april and in in june and so on so on that we will hit new highs all that is documented you can go on even on tech or on kitkov tv or all kind of other places and see it and it's not that i'm a genius it's more about just looking at supply and demand looking at the trends and distilling it down to what actually we actually actually said on even on tech specifically that it's gonna be towards the end of q4 of where we are right now that we're gonna hit new highs also some great uh um stuff if you're not following us on twitter you should here's an example of us talking about our contribution to east 2.0 as you know all of you know vitalik uh put about a million and a half of his own money right his own eth into his 2.0 and celsius put 10 times more than vitalik to make sure that the project loans launches successfully on time because ethereum was such a great supporter of celsius right we are the cell token runs on the ethereum blockchain it's an erc20 and we wanted to make sure that when when there were still questions about whether they're going to hit their deadline hit the target we put the last 25 000 eth worth 15 million dollars to make sure that uh eth didn't have to go and say sorry we didn't collect enough uh and put doubt even more doubt on the project so uh very excited about that um here's another tweet that talks about um uh how much we're paying every week so this is the payments we've made last week right uh 2.24 uh uh million dollars and you see the breakout if you're not following uh celsius network you should and you can see all this data right basically how many celsius are using so you can see we're at all-time high of celsius earning itself with all-time high in overall payments right here and we are we're an all-time high in how much we paid and sell tokens so as long as you're seeing all these things coming and running at all-time highs it kind of tells you that um you know well celsius is doing very well the cell token is going to continue to do well and so on something on that last chart alex um there will be a lot of critics saying oh why do you need a token why do you have to use a token and numbers that like 48 percent of our users want to earn in the token so that's right it's not you know but yeah yeah and and to clarify you do not need a token to earn in celsius so if you want to have the safest of safe options uh you can safest of safe meaning zero volatility against the u.s dollar you buy stable coins you put them in celsius and you earn in kind meaning you're getting usdc on usdc tusd on tusd right nothing to do with the sell token you don't need to even listen to it anytime you see me talking about cell token just skip forward right so we're not here to push sell talking on you or convince you to ha you know grab it or sell it huddle it or anything like that our job is really just to give you two options and as you see but it's about 50 50 right 50 of the people choose to just earn in kind which is great it's still very good for our community and 50 say no i rather earn and sell and obviously sell has done phenomenally better than earning in kind right so if we go back here and we look at cell token right if you grab if you dig into the charts um you will see uh how phenomenal the returns are like right if you go to one year chart against any uh other uh against any other uh coin right against bitcoin or ethereum or anything like that you will see that no matter how you measure it celsius has done phenomenally well right 10 times 20 times better than earning it any other way so there was a lot of news in the news about stable coins right people are saying um we may regulate stable coins you will only be able to issue a stable coin if you have a license from us is it good for celsius or is it bad for celsius so definitely wanted to touch on that i got a few emails from a few of you saying worried celsius and saying oh my god are you going to go out of business because of that so let's take the obvious examples let's say in january libra or now it's called diem i think they changed their name too many bad news about libra so they're just going to call themselves something else it's like a wolf putting a new uh sheep clothing on and pretending like well i'm no longer that cheap i'm now a different sheep right so so the point is is that let's say libra comes out and they got their license we're just going to add them to the wallet i mean we we don't choose winners and losers we're not here to say libra is good but usdc or usdt is bad right we let our community make that choice so so if the if the if the users choose uh usdc then most of our deposits are going to be usdc if the choose users choose a um libra or whatever it's called you know in january then we're gonna have a lot of those deposits our job is really to generate yield right we're like a machine that just spits out yield it doesn't matter what you put in it doesn't matter if you put in bitcoin or ethereum or cell token or litecoin or or libra what comes out of the machine oh that's an it's a it's a pawn on the machine right uh so what comes out of the machine is yes is um uh um yield and that's all you care about right all right so uh one more thing that i wanted to cover and we're gonna try to do this every week the machinski method uh everybody can see my screen right yes sir all right so let's go quickly through it before we jump into questions and uh zach has a few more surprises for you um um so number one okay make a financial plan we talked about that last week a financial plan means you need to know all your finances i know you're busy you got kids you're parents you you have a job you have a second job but you gotta dedicate one day a week you gotta say okay on a sunday i'm taking two hours and i'm doing nothing else i'm locking myself in the room there's no noise there's nothing or i sit in my car i drive to the park i just sit in my car lock all the windows and everything and i just do my financial planning most of the stuff is on your phone anyway right and financial planning is not complicated it's just pulling together all your expenses pulling together your income comparing the two looking at your where are your uh uh where is your money going where is it bleeding where are you basically losing money right and knowing your destinations for example knowing okay i'm spending ten thousand dollars a month in total my income is eleven thousand dollars a month i should be able to save a thousand dollars a month right and that's what my plan is right i'm gonna take a thousand dollars and i'm gonna save that's point number two you gotta save if you don't save and you don't make your money work for you nothing will happen you'll be sitting in that car 30 years from now asking yourself how come you don't have any savings and how come you're still working for the man instead of the money working for you so only if you save you know you can make your money work for you point number three you gotta identify debt that is painful and that is bringing you down and debt that is good for you there is debt that is good and there is debt just like fat there's bad fat and there's good fat right olive oil good fat right canola oil bad fat same thing with debt credit card debt bad debt i don't care what kind of credit card is i don't care what gizmos what they're selling you what promos they are stealing from you these credit card companies have the biggest buildings in every city how do you think they got to own those buildings from giving you one percent back right so whatever you got to do first you take all that excess cash and you pay down the debt you will have zero success if all you're doing is basically um um [Music] saving while you're paying 24 for your credit card on your credit cards right so definitely we don't want any of that so so you got to eliminate the debt bring it down to zero and don't create new one meaning you gotta control yourself your wife your kids from creating that new debt right because otherwise you just start the cycle all over again now mortgage or low-cost car loans those car loans that are three or four percent that is fine right you don't touch those you don't want to pay those down that's cheap money you want to get rid of the expensive money and replace that with savings right pay that down and then take the excess cash and put it to savings like celsius where you can earn 10 and that starts accumulating now you have no debt that expensive debt you have some long-term debt cheap debt like your home mortgage that's fine and you're earning 10 you're paying four percent to basically own your home and you're earning ten percent in celsius that is a great formula to create wealth to get to retirement right next one grow your savings so again every time you're about to spend every time you're about to use your credit card you got to think where do i put that money do i put it put it in the savings bucket or do i put it in i'm never going to see it again bucket right the minute you spend it i don't care what you bought there is almost zero chance that whatever you bought is going to be worth more than what you paid for it anything you bought in a store or in a mall i guarantee you you will not even get 50 cents on a dollar if you try to sell it the second you walked out of the store and you try to sell it to somebody else it's worth less than half where if you put it on the other side every monday you wake up and there's more money so what do you want more money or 50 of your money i might bring 50 to come and explain it to you if you don't get it okay that's what we're gonna do in a higher 50 to explain it to people so point number five is how much you need for retirement right so you need to know that numbers there's a big difference between i'm gonna save enough of financial freedom meaning it's gonna pay off my bills and retirement retirement is what happens if i stop working do i have enough money to pay all of my expenses even if i don't work at all i want to go and volunteer i want to travel the world i want to do something else right so it's a completely different plan there's plan one and plan two so when you sit in that car on a sunday for two hours spend at least half an hour planning your retirement and thinking what does it look like just close your eyes and imagine what is my retirement looks like where am i going to live how much i'm going to spend where is that money going to come from and unless you're saving for today that retirement is never going to happen unfortunately for most americans today there is no retirement so all right so that's point number five point number six is never stop learning so there's always new ways of earning yield celsius capture some of them but there are other ways as well it doesn't mean that oh i put all my eggs in one basket in celsius and i'm gonna watch that basket very carefully right yes that is a good plan but you need plan b also and plan b is um really how you're going to uh basically develop what you are going to do right i mean you you need other sources of yield if they're good sources and you need to diversify your money there and the last one is manage your risk and that's again watching the basket so you need to know where your money is you need to know uh how it's doing and i have a link here let me see one of these links is supposed to um plan c i don't know if you guys saw plan c do i have it here or no [Music] yeah he's one of our most active twitter community members yeah so i guess i can just find him here on uh what do you call it on uh on our uh [Music] right so plan c uh has uh created a beautiful site that you can use we're still sharing the screen good job yeah we're good so go to this website again this is a community member this is not celsius it's not we're paying this guy this is a community member who put together an amazing set of charts that show you okay is a flywheel healthy right watching the basket point number seven is using resources like this one right where somebody already did all the work for you and tells you hey is celsius continue to do well well or should you maybe worry and pull some of your assets because they're not doing well all the charts are going this way instead of that way so plenty of information here great information again you got to know what's good and what's bad this chart is actually good right here the chart going down is a good thing not a bad thing but the point is read go through it read it and learn as much as you can and share that with other people right so so i think uh there's plenty of uh information that's available out there uh working with the people who act in your best interest is definitely the right way to do it and again thank you for your support and we are zach i think you had a few updates and then we're going to jump into questions yeah absolutely um we're getting a ton of referral codes i've already winners um and we should get more oh worth teen winners instead of 10. all right you see like a given amount um uh one thing i don't know if you mentioned oh i i i didn't share yeah so just one more thing that i didn't share if i'm still sharing the screen and there's a new a new interview i just did this uh a day or two ago about what does 21 look like so it's the same reporter from kitko news that i uh did previous interviews with predicting the prices for bitcoin again uh 33 000 views almost 34 000 views and over a thousand likes so thank you guys for watching it but for the celsius community if you missed it uh here's the link just go to youtube and search for kitkanews and you should be able to find this and again i'm talking about how i have over 100 million dollars in my wallet right so my celsius wallet i don't even know if there is a secret information here but um but basically my wallet right now is is this is just one wallet out of multiple has a 102 million dollars in balances okay so as an example so um that's a lot of so the the the point is that mike my coins siri siri keeps jumping in so the point is is that that my coins my wallet my uh wealth is sitting right next to yours my bitcoin sitting next to your bitcoin my usdc right next to your usdc and so on right earning exactly the same amount if you have ten dollars and they have a hundred million dollars shouldn't be we'd be earning different percentages right just like jp morgan they would pay me probably 10 times more than they pay you right because i'm a big whale right but here we're treating everybody alike we're giving the little guy exactly the same opportunity as the biggest guy probably the biggest single guy in celsius right biggest single depositor so so all those things are important and it's important that people do what they say right can they prove to you that they're doing uh um or they're acting in your best interest or are the minute they're off camera or they're finished the interview they do the opposite right they grab and run away instead of trying to help you as they promised so zach yeah you were saying i cut you off no problem i was saying that if you look in the community page we have all this interesting data and every night i post a screen up from the community page kind of just show everybody what's going on and last night i noticed we crossed 5 billion in transfers to the app so people have sent celsius over five billion dollars worth of crypto which is just like an absurd number but so there's only one company in the world yeah and there's only one company in the world that did better than celsius which is a gray scale right and so i think they're like something like seven and a half billion so we are within a few months we will be number one right right now we're still number two uh but within a few months uh we will be number one so yeah great achievement for celsius and again the only reason for a success is not because we are such geniuses it's because we earned your trust we paid you back over 110 million dollars in interest and we convinced enough people that were acting in your best interest and people just said hey i'm not keeping my coins with coinbase or binance or somewhere else i'm not keeping them with i'm not keeping my dollars with my bank right i'm just transferring it over because these guys just treat me better it's that simple all right so let's jump into the q a again there's a lot i think on the chat right pretty active chat so make sure you include those people we got tons of action of action um so one thing a lot of people are asking about is the promo codes so people are entering the promo code getting a message and then sending in funds but they're not seeing the locked reward so we just want to let everyone know that the promo codes are working and you will get that reward um it's just not showing up as locked so we're fixing that and app updates coming out um and you'll see those lock rewards but uh as long as you put it down and transfer in the right amount you will get that reward yeah we had a little bug it does happen and our team promised that uh next week uh they will uh have a release that fixes that so don't worry uh we didn't suddenly stop paying you or took money away from you or anything like that so you will see that fixed and i know a lot of you send the tickets to customer service and partially the reason that other people is we're slow to respond on customer service requests and corporate applications and everything else is because we've got a deluge of people saying hey where's my money you know so so all that money is still there all right next question yeah and when like um something small like this happens or it's you can always ask um in our telegram chat and you can kind of get some community support for these non-critical things yeah community definitely responds faster than customer service so go to telegram first or twitter a we have chat we have community members uh seven days a week don't send anybody money don't send anybody your keys don't send anybody crypto just you can ask questions and if you're not sure about the answer wait for customer service but the simple questions you can rely on the community to answer right but there's still hackers trolling these channels hoping that you will make a mistake and give them your code like your 2fa or two or whatever do not never give anyone i don't care if they tell you they're from celsius if i call you and i ask you for your 2fa what's the answer no alex i'm not giving you the 2fa that's the answer it doesn't matter who's calling you never ever ever give your 2fa or your password or anything to anyone i guarantee i will never call you and ask you for your 2fa all right so we had several incidents where people thought they were talking to celsius employees or celsius agents if somebody calls you you don't know who they are because you didn't dial that number you don't know if it's customer service right so you hang up and you can call them back and you can say hey let me talk to alex i want to make sure that you actually work for him all right so very i'm very upset with people losing people who are trying to save for retirement being scammed by by scammers just because they trust them so next you can put out a good video about spark could you tell users what exactly yeah so look uh all you have to do first the video is right here spark token right here is nuke he grew a moustache and we were thinking who does it look like joe tucci right from hollywood or i don't know what or bruce willis right we have bruce willis working for us but the point is as long as your xrp is in the account before uh march 11th march before december 11 meaning next week or the week after you will get your spark token the spark are not going to be issued until 2021 but you will be the snapshot will be taken and you're going to get your stuff so again look there are hundreds of videos here right of all everything you can imagine answers to every one of your questions all you have to do is scroll down take a look you know here's an hour-long video i've done answering everything that has to do with yield you want to know how yield is created and where it's being used and so on so on i did it with digital asset news he peppered me with every question you can imagine i guarantee you that this video answers 90 percent of the questions you have about yield okay and again it's point number seven in the machinski method that's you should be doing due diligence you should be asking hard question no one here is telling you don't ask any questions you know we are doing everything for you trust us that's not the machinski method the machinski method is about you knowing every detail about who is caring for your money and making sure every week that they continue to do what they promised you and the minute they deviate from that plan you better take your money and run okay because that's what happens with almost every company okay most companies start as somebody who's trying to help you and sooner or later they're trying to squeeze as much as they can out of you start adding fees they start adding all kind of other stuff and it's not the good deal that you thought it was you still think in your head that this or that credit card is is doing good by you but it's not what's happening all right next question right we just saw someone come out with a credit card right and if you look at the flat print hidden fees is 200 attractive as it appears here's one percent of in in bitcoin but we're going to charge you 200 every year and we're going to charge a crazy interest rate so no not the machinski method do not order the block fight card not acting in your best interest okay why why earn one percent if you can earn 10 right think about it that way just take that money that you would have otherwise spent they're trying to convince you to spend more money spend three thousand dollars we're gonna give you something put three thousand dollars into usdc and see how it pays you every monday that's what you should be doing next question i think we did the math on that and it's you have to 13 to break eve and then another 13 000 to make 200. yes absurd all right you have another winner i think we have time for another winner oh no i've been picking them out we've got okay okay great you're getting paid today and they we've got a thousand live viewers we're gonna have to do this every week alex can i get approval for that well we we promised we promised we're going to give and you didn't even talk about the promo code yet you just uh what do you call it you're you're you're you're just throwing money at people right here it's like the ppp you know zach has his own ppp program you know all right let's cover the last thing i okay can we get an update on uh the in-app swaps and the platinum first access yes so so it's in development we're testing it as we speak no fee swap inside the app meaning it's cheaper faster and better than uniswap or binance it you name a platform and i guarantee you that the celsius swap will be cheaper faster and better than any of those platform because we don't charge anything so we take the best rate possible and allow you to swap with another celsium at that price right boom no fees right inside the celsius wallet so so again it's a service to the community we make enough money in other places we don't have to make it here that's the whole point about celsius that's why we don't charge any fees on credit card transactions or on swap or on withdrawals we pay your withdrawal fee right and the next version of the celsius wallet shows you how much we paid you to date in withdrawal fees we actually calculated all that and it's going to show you all those numbers so it's not people sometimes people go and say well it's too good to be true how can they do this without charging anything for anything it's not that we don't we charge 20 of the money we're earning for you that's the only thing we charge for right is that plenty yes we are profitable celsius profitable we just gave all of our employees bonuses zach how was your bonus beautiful is is this fifteen hundred dollars coming out of your bonus out of celsius because you you're so rich now you know like maybe you should pay for it all right next question giving back directly to the community in more ways than one all right okay all right let's get to some questions here um i hate loans going laura's asking are they really at zero percent yep they're at zero and zero is zero just apply for a loan you can fill up the t's and c's you can read them so when we present the t's and cs to you read them and the fee we charge is zero the interest rate we charge is zero the like block fight charges you two percent origination fee just to just to talk to them hey two percent right then after that it's four or five percent interest rate so so why would any of you guys would take a loan with somebody else right if you're you're in the uk is special because we love the uk we're based in the uk celsius is a uk based company right we launched a special program because it took us forever to get this uk thing launched and get a file for all of our licenses and everything right so because it took so long we said let's do something special for the uk and here we are so apply for it there's no penalty to cancel you don't like anything about the program you can cancel at any time you can walk away and there's no penalty we're not a bank i know your bank will charge you penalties and early termination and withdrawal fees and inactivity fees and you know your live fees all kind of fees right none of that okay we make all of our money from yield right we earn yield hundreds of millions of dollars we keep 20 right so if we paid you um 110 million dollars we made 22 million dollars right we made 20 on top of that so that's how you have to think about it right 20 million is a lot of money right it might even pay for this apartment no just kidding next next question okay uh will u.s users be able to use the swap feature and will they be able to swap for sell token so a lot of these questions are still pending again um all of basically think about this way anything that is inside the coinbase wallet because they're a u.s company you'll be able to swap because what whatever they got approved we will get approved as well but there's definitely uh certain questions still remaining again we are launching the earn and sell very very soon for accredited us investors so it may be that accredited are allowed to do it but not accredited or not i don't have the final answer for it yet but it's coming it's going to be here soon again get get your get december out of the way january all the stuff there's a flood of new features coming your way in january the web app the swapping the the or you know earn and sell right all that stuff is going to be here live in january so definitely going to be a very very busy month for us [Music] all right well celsius be supporting digital collateralized stocks and bonds and we'll could they earn interest on those yeah so so if you look at uh i do want to share one screen here so are you um can you show the screen for a second yep yeah good to go yep so this big chart that i showed you before the moi the 200 and something presentation that i've done from wipe this is one of the slides from the moib show right from me uh pitching worldwide right and you can see this is going back to when we had animals right back in 2017 remember celsius had animals the the oh geez the celsius oh geez know what i'm talking about right you see this little celsius monkey that has a c on him so we used to have animals that were like basically our brand so this is a slide that we shared with everybody you know like kind of trying to explain to people what's happening how we went through these waves of of adoption right first there was satoshi then we had the anarchist or or or then we had the libertarians and so on so on so on right and how are we going to get to mass adoption how are we going to cross this chasm right here and we i kept explaining to people this back in 2017 right uh how we had two star steps btc was one eth was the second one and then i gave him three options i said okay what's the next step of evolution and most people were betting on security tokens they were betting on nfts or they were betting on libra and i said to everybody back when there was less than a billion dollars worth of stable coins i said it's all going to be about stable coins the next step why because d5 what we call d fight today what i call moib is all about stable coins and yield and so on that is the bridge so celsius focused on that and we did exceptionally well and everybody else who focused on everything else didn't do so well right do you see any great uh security tokens so i'm not saying security tokens are not going to happen i'm just saying that it's going to take a very long time uh for that part of the industry to take off so right now we are focused on generating yield for you and this is how we're doing all right next next question [Music] okay um a question from scott on twitter do you have plans to come out with a credit card compete with block five the block fight credit card is so i wouldn't want to compete with that us not having a card is competing with the block fight credit card which is trying to get you to spend money you don't have and pay 25 on it and pay 200 a year why would you pay 200 a year you can get you know i don't have the card on me but go to fidelity go to fidelity.com they give you a card that pays back two percent two percent no strings attached no this no that you know no annual fee nothing just open a fidelity account get back two percent on your money okay so that's my answer to block five get a fidelity card okay when we have a better card better than fidelity something that gives you more than two percent per year and with no fees then we will issue it right so today the bar is not doing better than block fight the bar is doing better than fidelity next question all right um we are taking questions on twitter hashtag celsius ama a question from the chat is why do governments not like stable coins well depends who the us government actually likes stable coins right the governments that don't like stable coins are the people who print other type of money so if you are the brazilian government and you have reals which is your local currency and all of your citizens start using stable coins instead of your local currency which you print right you print and make money out of thin air so do you like it or you get upset about it right so so the issue is more about international coverage i mean in the united states it's more about regulations meaning like talib or somebody else saying hey i don't want the poor people to get hurt because they're going to take buy somebody's stable coin and it's not real and they're going to lose their money right so that's the issue it's more about uh making sure that that is not happening but all the coins that we have uh in our wallet the tokens the stable coin tokens usdc usdt gusd gemini right paxos all great companies all trust companies meaning they must by law have one dollar for every one token that they issue right so they can't use that money for any other purposes so so you're safe again i i have millions of dollars in the usdc right anytime i spare cash i convert into usdc put it in celsius 10 and a half percent per year sleep very well at night so i wouldn't worry about that next question [Music] okay it looks like uh celsius hub has just released a content platform for celsius to translate content i'm gonna get the link here and i'm gonna share it but uh thank you so much great let's go right now continuing to push the community forward um here we go so we are on i'm sharing the screen so uh let's show it to them okay so again it's a great site uh we have a link to it from the celsius network site as well here's our flywheel great content showing you how well we're doing and i don't know where the link is to this content thing but let's see if we can find it it's probably here all right i guess he's gonna put it on let me maybe i need to refresh [Music] yeah but anyway the point is it's it's gonna be there and uh you know he also has the top 200 so you can kind of see uh what's the total tokens out there what is the machine doing with his coins you know and so on right you have here's my wife my wife is number three now wow look at that she moved up to usa strong is my wife i gave her i gave her a few tokens just a few all right next question all right chris from twitter is asking any update on australian service are licenses coming through yeah so because of covid looks like the bureaucracy in uh australia has a crawl to a halt we have not heard back from the regulators on our on our license applications so i'm hoping that maybe december maybe january but we are still uh kind of uh completely dependent on um the bureaucracy the australian bureaucracy to again you can still deposit you can still take a loan you don't need there's no it's not like if you're australians there's nothing you can do you can do almost everything you just can't give us right now an australian dollar straight into our account right so so that's the only thing that we'll be adding as an additional feature so you'll be able to basically go to your bank transfer money and you're down right so today you have to buy stable coins send it to us or or move coin move bitcoin ethereum and all the regular stuff right so so that's the difference next next question but we are we are opening an office there we're interviewing people right now to be hired there we're looking for one loan associates that somebody who processes local loans and we're looking for trader somebody who basically helps us trade in the asia time zone so experience with [Music] basically you know transferring coins and managing coins trading coins on different platforms if you have that experience you want to join celsius or you have any loan experience send your email your resume to jobs at celsius.network next question all right crypto crypto toe is asking will celsius go public and what's the time frame for that um that's a good question um when we have a plan we'll let you know right now uh you know no plans but uh we're definitely looking into there are no real public companies there are some fake public companies in crypto but you know maybe we should be the first uh public company right so we'll see i mean i know coinbase is thinking of going public there are a few others so we'll see next question would would you consider my strategy like a quasi public crypto company now well their treasury is uh uh in uh invested in crypto assets but their business is uh not crypto right so nothing in their business there's a single part of their business that touches crypto right so they do data analytics they do all kind of other stuff and their stock is doing very well so they're a great public company they just happen to have a lot of their treasury almost all their treasury in bitcoin okay a question from investor18 if i took a loan for six months can i pay it back early yes also can i open an account for my 17 year old son yeah so so you can pay a loan off at any time right so there's no again no penalties and especially since your interest if you took a 25 ltv loan is one percent or your interest in the uk is zero percent paying it early if there's no penalties means nothing right it's like you can basically close it at any time so if you took a 50 ltv loan then your interest is higher maybe nine percent or whatever and when you close it you have to pay six months if you you're already three months into the loan we're going to charge you three months worth of the rest of the loan because we have costs setting up these loans so the min that's why the minimum is six months next question okay um any plan wants to allow deposits of coins that do not earn a yield yeah we we thought about this a little bit uh people basically saying i just want to keep all my coins in celsius um um again it cost us money to manage all these other coins so in theory um if we can find use for them and it's not too much hassle we also pay the withdrawal fees right so we have costs um but it makes sense it's a utility that we want to give our customers so i definitely think that i asked my team to do it they were just saying basically look we have all these projects we're understaffed let us catch up then we can do something like this next question okay uh if i make a otc this is there a required lockup um so the otc team can tell you if there is any lockup or not you better you need to email them and and let them know okay another good question from crypto toe uh where do you see bitcoin peaking this next cycle so i just did a full video on it i don't know if tom uploaded it um but this should be a new video here on our channel with uh with all of my predictions we're in the wrong channel here right so um um is it this one no yes so this video right here gives you 20 minutes worth of predictions within detail which i probably don't have time to do here so just watch that video next question all right everyone ask your questions hashtag celsius ama on twitter um we've got only one more prize to give away we've given out 14 100 prizes all right time to spill the beans yeah it's time to spill the beans on the promo code [Music] okay promo code has been fantastic it's for all the new users out there um when you have your family member or a friend that's curious about crypto they want to start off small let them use promo code and just transfer ten dollars to the app and you'll get a ten dollar reward okay just ten dollars to start ten dollars for ten dollars wow yeah good deal instantly yeah you double your money in 30 days guaranteed yeah that is the way to go so there's a lot of skeptics out there a lot of people that are not sure promo code start ten dollars get ten dollars wow i love that is that for first time users or anyone can do it just first time users just first time users all right all of your first timers all of you skeptics all of you guys are like saying ah no no this is real whatever um you know i think it's time the time has come and we need everyone to hit button give us a thumbs up up um the they become like a iconic part of our community and uh we have over a thousand viewers now we can really get this to grow ten thousand hundred thousand hundred million alex that's right yeah we wanna be we wanna be the best uh watched uh broadcast in crypto right so we gotta beat everybody else right this is where celsius make money so to me can you uh ask christy to come why don't you join us you know next question why is cell token not listed on major exchanges so i had a visit here uh one of the top three exchanges within my at my house here today they came to visit me here and i explained to them again and again that we don't pay fees listing fees we have the best customers in crypto right we have 3.3 billion dollars worth of whale money and investor money and celsius and money and so on and you want us to bring that to you you the exchange and pay you money to bring our best customers to you i think it should be the other way around you the exchange should pass money to bring our best customers to you [Music] so for now uh we put a lot of our volume on unit swap all of you guys who want cell token can go to uniswap and basically use it and guess what when you trade on uniswap celsius makes money celsius benefits for me it's celsius users benefit from it because uniswap pays 0.3 percent in fees and now those fees go to the people who provide liquidity on uniswap so do you want me to pay money to an exchange and take celsius money and give it to them instead of giving it to you an interest or do you want me to collect money just like i'm collecting already money from uniswap and redistribute it back to the community so it's a very simple answer the answer is of course we want to collect money from the exchange so sooner or later all these mega exchanges right we just need to be top 20 coin probably all these mega exchanges are going to uh list us and they're going to share their fees mark my words all these exchanges are going to share fees with celsius so instead of us paying to list exactly they are going to work with us in order to get this massive community on their platform get some fruit get some energy yeah next question okay um is chrissy coming on the show yeah she'll be here in a minute okay um this volatility that we've had um over thanksgiving is that going to lead to higher rates coming to depositors [Music] uh yeah higher volatility normally means more uh higher rates the rates do fluctuate they go up and down like right now uh there's a lot of demand for stable coins so the rate and stable coins may go up but there's not not that much demand for bitcoin right the demand for bitcoin is coming down so that's why we lowered a little bit the rate on bitcoin we lowered the fee on the first five right instead of the first five earnings six point two percent now it's the first two and uh but we we are keeping the rate on stable coins close to all-time highs so definitely um that's why next question okay i wanted to bring up again that otc has been brought down from 25 000 to 10 000 on the orders we want to give access to everybody that we can um to make those otc orders we accept bitcoin we accept ethereum order somebody said send them straight to otc at celsius right and somebody said 25 000 sell token it's not 10 000 or 25 cell token it's 25 000 or 10 000 now right so it's it's meaning it's like five thousand four thousand sell tokens now you wanna buy four thousand sell tokens or more uh that's basically you can do it on otc.network sorry otc at celsius.network yes next question okay um from twitter matt's asking with staking at east 2.0 is there any plans to offer a long term rate for these long-term holders yeah so so we're going to have a separate deposit address for youth 2.0 and every time you want to deposit eth you can decide are you putting it into the blended rate which would be the rate that we earn on all of our activity or a separate address which is dedicated to each 2.0 staking and we will be publishing the rate weekly of what is the rate on that staking fee we don't charge any fee for staking so whatever we can get from ethereum you will be earning so you can decide every week the the only thing is that with the ethe 2.0 uh those are like for two years so you can't really withdraw it at any time the blended rate you can withdraw at any time right so if you if you know if you know you're gonna huddle for a long period of time then definitely um uh what do you call it put it in the heath 2.0 all right let's see i see my my honey is here my honey brought some honey look at that you see 10 bottles for your for your guests for your community so you you met chrissy before she's uh she's a huge supporter of crypto of celsius she's becoming a pro herself believe it or not she pays her employees in crypto even we don't do that so way ahead of the trend uh i love it she has a new startup some of you know a lot of your viewers already know yes and usa strong io and uh she got this great product that i'm actually detroit city yeah made in the it's great u.s distillery and bees in the d so it's bourbon infused honey and we saved about 10 bottles for you guys like i said my honey brought some honey yeah so you wanna try it or smell it yeah you're gonna love it i love it i love bourbon and i like well just like in the light i don't drink but i love it like as a as well infused it's been infused yes yes that's great ice cream all right how about a glass a cup of tea with uh some bourbon i just just want to just sure yeah but i would also love a cup of tea for it's really good for you yeah i love honey look i'm gonna get you drunk and it supports the environment because bees are what gives us all of our fruits and vegetables if you didn't know that without bees you wouldn't have any fruits and vegetables they pollinate every every plant oh it's great all right a cup of tea how about that we're going to make kimchi all right thank you good to see you yeah so so chrissy is uh doing amazing um it's a process we're actually using the blockchain there or going to use the blockchain to verify that products are made in the u.s so like this product we verified all the components the content and so if you buy that bottle you'll be able to see okay the bottle itself the glass was made in this in the state the label was printed here and this in this state the honey was made in michigan here is the factory that put it all together and it was shipped to you locally and so on so so just trying to again leverage locally made with the blockchain and support the local community right empower local businesses to do good and do well right to get all of you to stop buying chinese products of amazon and help your fellow man who's living down the street from you whose business is struggling so love what she's doing i'm an investor and uh go on the website and help out okay usa strong dot io all right next question and i'm all right i'm gonna get a couple of you i got a cup of tea out of it you see so jen is asking um a while back i tried to take a loan to familiarize myself with how it all works the minimum was 10k and i didn't have enough uh collateral has this minimum been lowered yeah minimums now are 500 dollars you can take a loan as little as small as 500 good point thanks for making us repeat that so we love loans right loans is what drives the celsius flywheel the celsius engine so so it's important that we communicate these things right the minimum the the term uh no penalties no upfront fees again our many of our competitors charge basically require five thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars as a minimum loan but celsius you can start at 500 right so uh everybody's pre-approved again you don't need to verify income you don't need to show us that you are a u.s citizen or anything right all you need to have is a little bit of assets in celsius including any asset anything we support you can deposit it and take a loan against it without selling it right the main advantage is that you're deferring your taxes if you bought it at whatever 10 cents and it's now two dollars if you sell it you will pay half of that to the government but if you took a loan against it you have no cost right basically almost no cost if you took a one percent loan next question and like uh having cash is not very advantageous i was thinking about it if you have a huge gain right and then you sell and you have this pile of cash that cash is losing value every exact day faster and faster and faster right so so what do you do as as a investor if you have all these assets and you want to cash out does that mean you just have to move into a different asset to generate income because i mean the cash is not going to do anything for you so again watch this video i talk about all of that but basically what i'm doing right now is i'm putting about half in gold and half in cash right so so if you buy packs gold or tether gold and you will earn about five and a half percent on it we're updating the rates we're actually raising the rates it was four and a half now it's going to be five and a half so you have the appreciation of gold i think gold is going to go higher and you're going to earn five and a half percent on it right so i'm saying put half in there and half you keep in cash you just buy a usdc or usdt or tusd stable coins you deposit them in celsius and you earn ten and a half percent ten and a half percent a hundred times more than your bank one hundred times more than your bank what can i say you know next question all right uh has celsius reached out to companies like microstrategy that hold a ton of bitcoin i didn't hear the the beginning of it of the question has celsius reached out to companies like microstrategy that hold a bunch of bitcoin um so we are we talked to thank you honey here i got my bourbon infused honey um uh what do you call it tea you're gonna get lit on the mma now that's good it's probably gonna make my voice sound different you know um then we talked to we have about a hundred corporate uh corporates come join celsius every month a hundred companies uh join celsius every month and because they want to put their treasury in celsius right so um some people are comfortable uh putting their coins with others some people want to keep it in cold storage so i think uh microstrategy bought all their uh bitcoin on coin base and coinbase is one of the best sources of celsius customers so there's no reason why we cannot convince them to come to celsius so we will definitely follow up on that next question all right pulling questions from twitter celsius ama we've got if i take a loan on celsius the collateral does not earn interest but does it count towards calculating your cell platinum level for extra rewards yes so your ratio uh whatever sell you have it doesn't matter if you have a loan against it or not we don't penalize you for taking a loan so whatever your loan is that's your staff whatever your balance is that is your status so if you're already platinum taking a loan is not gonna make you gold or silver or something else but as you know we've added many new we've added a new category for people who have at least five percent of their assets in cell so if you are um if you are if you want to try sell token again you can buy it on uh uniswap uh you can buy it somewhere else again we have explainer videos if you go back here and you just scroll down here's a great video that shows you how to buy sell token on unit swap and again if you want to sell you just do the reverse right you want to sell cell token you go you take yourself talking you do the reverse of this video to convert cell into each or sell into usdc or anything like that right so all these things work both ways and here's another one to do it on switch you so if you prefer switchio here's here it is so um again it does not impact your status as a celsium all right here's another question from the chat uh if the value of the collateral given by borrowers crash how does this impact celsius so that's why we're only doing 33 ltv or 25 percent to be right so let's say you have collateral and it crashes 50 right the worst crash in a day that bitcoin has was was like something like 40 right so obviously it's not good for the person who has that collateral but it doesn't affect celsius so so we we always ask you to add more collateral if we see a lot of volatility we'll actually reach out to you proactively and say hey bitcoin is very volatile you have a loan please add more coins or pay some of the loan back to make sure that you do not get liquidated right if you get liquidated on compound or liquid or nexo or block fi they charge you fees right we don't want to charge you fees they make money from getting you liquidated celsius does not make any money we don't charge any fees trying to liquidate so we don't have an incentive to liquidate it if you don't charge fees then i'm on your side i don't want you to be liquidated i want you to stay celsian forever right i want you to take more loans i want you to do all kind of other stuff so to because i'm making money in one place right the same place i'm always making money on generating yield it's a win-win i'm only charging you something if i created new money if i managed to make money on your coins right so we do not liquidate we do not try to liquidate we don't charge fees for liquidating next question and that's like a a difference in motto between other businesses and celsius is we're not here to try to extract as much value from you as possible right we're here to create as much value for you as possible because we create that value alongside with you so i mean that's a really big difference that i think is playing out more and more over time people are realizing wait these guys are screwing me or these guys are not working in my benefit but in celsius we're always operating in the benefit of the user because we win alongside of the user it's a completely different business model that has never existed in 700 years of banking remember i showed you that big chart right it's very confusing for a lot of people a lot of people are still saying but alex come on you can't run a company not charging anything the banks charge fees because they have to that's how they make money no they make enough money not charge you any fees because they also make money on your money when you take your paycheck and you give it to them they make enough money on the money that they don't need to charge you a deposit fee and a checking account fee and a check fee and a clearing fee and then a withdrawal fee and an atm fee and an activity fee and you name it 100 different fees they don't need to charge any of that they make so much money just from lending your money out and paying you nothing that a bank could be very profitable just doing what celsius does just sharing eighty percent of what they make with your money giving it back to you and just keeping twenty percent okay again i had a call yesterday with goldman sachs right goldman sachs uh does that 80 20 with their richest customers i was like they were pitching me last night you should have seen how they were pitching and they're like come on just put your money with us why are you giving celsius that 100 million give us that money we will keep 20 and we'll give you 80 i'm like already doing it i don't need you to do it to me are you going to earn 10 on on the stable coins they're like no we don't do stable coins are you gonna put money in crypto in bitcoin no no we don't do bitcoin that's too risky you know so my point is that for the rich people for the really really rich guys the guys have hundreds of millions of dollars the deal is 80 20. all celsius did this took that deal that was only available to the one percent of the one percent and we gave it to everybody you have ten dollars go ahead use the what's the promo code start yep start start with the ten dollar right and we will give you ten dollars and going forward you will be keeping eighty percent even if you have twenty dollars in your wallet you will be still keeping eighty percent of what we make right we meaning celsius right so there is no better deal that is the deal that the richest people in the world get no fees plus keeping 80 that is the best deal in the world that anyone gets right next question can you imagine if goldman last night said hey alex we're going to charge you uh this fee we're going to charge you that fee and uh yeah you're gonna bring your mail right here do you need us to ship you uh like can we send you like a care package can we send you like just drowning me and stuff right like every day something is showing up from these guys dying to get my money so but i know i know the game you know i know what they're trying to do but anyway so celsius gets all my money i went to costco you always compare celsius as a membership organization to costco and um i hadn't been to costco in quite a while but i went last week and i said oh my gosh this is really just this is the best stuff at the best price and it's all brought in this one place for me and like they treat their members like yeah the greatest ever because once you become a member of costco you get this whole suite of fantastic products and like that that analogy of celsius being the same like once you become a member of celsius you get this whole suite of premium financial products um and and they're all the best of the best at the best price the best quality you said it better than me okay from now on zach runs the show he doesn't it doesn't need me anymore i'm retiring that's it no thank you no thank you all right um we only have a few minutes left if you want to give us some closing thoughts um [Music] so look we we we shared with you the machinski method again i want to repeat that for the people who maybe join early or were not paying attention so i'm sharing my screen here okay right and um you know this is all about you just one sec um right so here they can see my screen yes right so these are really simple seven steps right there's nothing complicated here there's nothing special you don't need a degree or phd in economics or uh working for the smartest guy in finance right none of that it's very simple paying down where people steal from you like those credit cards or really expensive car loans right like if you don't have credit and you went and you bought a car loan they're charging you 30 percent you have a student loan right and you didn't refinance it it's probably 20 those are the things that you got to bring down like you cannot spend any money on vacations or on anything because that's what preventing you from paying down that debt eliminate that debt then you can go back to normal right you get money from the government from covert pay down that debt don't put it in the stock market and buy some shitty stock at all time high just pay down your debt and stop paying interest to all of these thieves right so nothing in this plan that you see on the screen the seventh step is complicated you just have to work on it you have to invest in yourself you have to dedicate time every week to focus on it and see am i am i following the seven steps or not where am i failing what do i have to do more right where can i cut a little bit so i can pay down the debt and when you start paying it down and it decreases the balance decreases then you're paying it faster and faster and faster and proof one day it disappears and that's it from that minute on you still have income but you have no more debt and then when you're starting your plan for retirement your plan for financial freedom takes hold right thank you for joining us it's been great 15 winners 100 each uh start right 10 if you deposit 10 just download the app celsius network and try the service we've never had a better offer zach is just showering you with presents today thanks zach for helping us out and we will see you next week all right thanks everybody

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