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AMA: Episode 59 - February 12, 2021
 Feb 12, 2021

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again the first time in history first time in history that the little guy got in on the next big thing before all these institutions before goldman sachs before morgan stanley before jp morgan before all these guys right and now them coming in is gonna make your coins worth much much more because there aren't any coins to be had right there's barely any bitcoin being created less than three percent a year of inflation of new coins being created all these guys rushing in means prices are going higher so this is the week mark it in your calendar mark it on your computer right take a red pen and circle hey this is the time this is when the inflection point happened and we went into mass adoption right hundreds of millions of people gonna be joining crypto suddenly it's cool and if you don't have it you're gonna be left behind just like the dot com area where everybody put the dot-com at the end of their name now everybody's like saying oh here are my bitcoins of course i've said good things about it forever no you didn't that's what they said that everyone in 1999 everyone became a internet company and now everyone's going to become a bitcoin company that's right so we have a special guest right where is our special guest screen here we go hey hi hey how's it going ashley harrell has been with us for three years you just had your three year anniversary right just like a week ago or something yeah it's true uh in january i passed the official three-year mark of being yes you're a dog person so in dog years it's what like uh whatever counting here i think it'd be like 24 years so it feels like i mean celsius here i definitely have gotten a lot older than i should have in three years but but all the viewers for all the viewers have been with us since the ico i want you to know that if you want to know who gave you your tokens if you want to know who took care of making sure that we had the filings and we did everything kosher and so on who did it who gets all the credit well i don't know about all the credit but i definitely am familiar with everyone's names and and you know where they're from and how they got involved and i've had a lot of exchanges back and forth with a lot of um the members of our community who've been with us from the beginning so i'm sure that some of you out there recognize my name well i can say for sure that if ashley wasn't with us we would not have it all in order i'm sure there would be a giant mess of of figuring out what we owe to each person and what did we file or didn't file i know you have like uh really a magic touch with that managing all those records ah well it was fun i mean when i think about it now you know three years later what we were able to do in a short amount of time you know we closed the round the you know the sale of the tokens from the ico and at the end of march and we had everything completed and tokens distributed to those contributors in one month and i i mean like we i just recently found out about some icos like that just did their token distributions like two years later and at the time i was really stressed out because i wanted to get it done as quickly as possible and now i think about it and that was nuts that we did it in one month really and then we decided not to uh list on any exchange until we actually delivered a product to the customer right to the community which was the opposite of what everybody else did so yeah so but we you're here for a special reason so why why did we call you and say ashley please come talk to the community they all want to know what yeah well in addition to the normal uh work i do at celsius in in running operations uh globally we've been working on a new project which we're very excited about and uh we're developing the world's best credit card so we're pretty excited about this we don't really want to fall into um what everybody else has done in crypto which before it was a lot of just debit cards um and even some of the new companies that are announcing credit cards i'm not seeing a lot of differences in the traditional credit card products that are out there um and typically a lot of these credit card products are quite predatory to consumers are really high not 200 upfront fee no come on no 26 percent interest rate no absolutely not no we're gonna go how are we gonna steal money from our customers if we don't do those things now the whole point uh is to keep delivering uh what celsius is committed to doing so that's going to be the lowest uh rates and fees possible or no fees you know to our customers and the highest rewards that we can possibly provide back to them and at the same time the product we're working on is going to allow people who may not be able to get traditional credit um out in the market uh to use their crypto uh to evidence that they're they're ready to borrow from us and then because it's a credit card product they're going to be able to build their credit score so they can really transform their lives and we're very excited to continue to offer products to our community that stay within that mission of delivering economic freedom to everybody so right there's a lot of work to do right everything anything you have on deposit with celsius you automatically contribute to your credit so so that's huge like there's a lot of people in crypto right now that have poor credit scores and can't get an auto loan or can't get a card but yeah um have coins and that's never been recognized but if we can bring that if you keep all your stuff if you keep all your stuff in crypto it hurts your credit score it's not that it doesn't do anything it hurts you because it's so complicated yeah i i bought a house um actually in 2019 and a lot of my assets you know i got heavily into crypto and in the beginning of 2018 and i started to buy a lot of bitcoin and ethereum and and then you know i'm trying to apply for a mortgage and i'm showing the bank like no look like look at all this money i have i don't care that's right well listen so you you i think you're still single right and you have all these cryptos i'm sure you're going to get a lot of uh you know a lot of pings saying hey ashley you know i'm in california too you know why don't we uh get to know each other so i keep vlogging nothing me off you're such an israeli dad to me right now goodness greatness right so we we're gonna dive into the uh first uh kung hey fa choi so that's to our chinese customers who are celebrating uh a new year and we wanted to thank you guys for for being with celsius uh as as bethany here mentioned she made me wake up every day at 6 30 or 7 a.m to do all the business we had to do with china and all of our chinese customers before they all went on vacation because we have a bro what's up with bethany why are you giving alex such a hard time i mean you got to let this guy sleep in a little bit all right he's working real hard for the community yeah now we wanted to make sure we have a big deal there so we wanted to make sure it got done and we got it done so we again i every week i'm like what can i announce in my mma and they're like oh just give us a little bit more time so here here are our announcements all right and then i'll dive into my topic of the week so we raised rates stable coins are 12 and a half percent if you haven't seen that 16.34 i think percent um if you're earning in sale uh uh we have 8.75 billion in aum so it's going to be updating on the app and the website any minute now that's the latest number uh over 400 000 subs now right people are using us so that's we broke through the 400 000 level i remember when we broke to 40 000 we were all so excited and we're like and people like hey don't forget you promised 100 million and we're like oh 100 million are we ever gonna get there but with a credit card and with the with the crypto community booming and cranking on all cylinders we're definitely going to get there so we are as excited as ever about that uh we've paid over 1 million dollars in the last week in promo codes right so we distributed over a million dollars just in promo codes to the community so all of you out there who were waiting your debug you didn't see it in your wallet it's all there if you haven't checked your wallet go check your wallet there's money in your wallet okay so go celebrate all right um what else did we do chatbot next next release we're gonna have a chat bot right in the app and it will answer you you'll be shocked at how good this bot is at answering all of your questions so that's going to relieve a lot of the pressure that we have on the customer service team uh we're hiring 30 new people 30 additional agents after we already doubled the team so cranking up or hiring as fast as we can and uh all right so the topic i wanted to talk about and then we're going to go back to ashley and she's going to tell us more things about her is self-insurance right i know if you saw me tweet about it let me share the screen here um here we go so i'm sharing the screen you guys can see it yep you're up uh so this is crypto slate they picked up the tweet and they wrote about it and really we looked at uh several different implementations right of okay say asking ourselves what's the best thing for the community what's the best thing for the community and all the stuff that exists today like texas mutual or going to some insurance company and paying them high fees does not deliver the value to the community because the list of exceptions the list of things that these guys will not cover is so long that there's very little left and i and i kept telling you guys every week that when you see somebody saying on their website oh we're fully insured what do you mean you're insured you you the coins that are sitting with bitco or the coins that are sitting with coinbase if they're stalling from treasury or from custody they're insured that doesn't mean anything because the real risk is are the counterparties other people are borrowing the coins the people who are supposed to pay that interest and return the coins what happens if one of them defaults right so the insurance we are designing is not about if somebody stole stuff from your wallet or if somebody stole stuff from from custody it's all about that counterparty insurance which is the majority like 7 billion out of that 8.75 sitting with these institutions or exchanges or whatever right so we are creating a program that will be on top like we we have 2 billion in assets right that is part of the uh of the safety net right so it's always going to hit us first and only then hit you why because i'm the biggest guy in celsius right i don't want to i don't want to pay for it out of the pocket i'm going to have the company pay for it first but on top of that we're going to have an insurance policy that is a self-insured meaning all of us are going to contribute something like half of one percent it's an opt-in meaning you don't have to do it it's not mandatory if you decide to be insured you will earn uh half of one percent less right we're going to build up that uh cushion and anything bad that happens from the outside not for people who are trying to scam us by withdrawing their own coins and saying oh somebody stole my coins or anything like that that we we are very uh confident that that is not possible today right so we are not going to ensure that part because we don't want people to be motivated to try to steal from themselves just so they can piggyback or tap into this uh insurance pool and we want that insurance pool to grow be of size and we'll be obviously publishing it you'll see in real time what's in it and this way you know how much protection you have right so if you if you don't believe or you're not comfortable with the two billion dollar balance sheet that celsius has more cash more eq more coins than all of our competitors put together then you can uh uh rely on that insurance policy you can look at the wallet and see that the coins are there right so full transparency is always what was different between like this insurance idea and then what uh craig had because they had a type of insurance right but it didn't really work out for them they did not have any insurance i mean the insurance they had again was uh uh was exactly what i said before they had uh the custodian had insurance but all the money they lost was it wasn't because bitgo got hacked it was because they gave it to chinese gamers and the corona happened and all those gamers said i'm not paying you back right boom so all that money disappeared so so you don't want to uh you don't want to rely on uh the custody again look it's we we could have put in that too our custodian is insured we could have put on our website hey you know like our custodian is all this money and they're going to be insured but we know that would be misleading you so we would never do something like that we would never mislead you to think that your stuff is safe and then if something happens you will realize oh my god my life savings i gave to you guys and you screwed up my life right so so we our job is to be fully transparent to tell you the truth and this is one of those hidden truths that unfortunately again all of our competitors are lying to you about right again block fi has all their coins with gemini gemini has 250 million dollars of insurance on their custody but guess what none of the coins are there all the coins are being lent out to different people asked about that you'll see there is no insurance at block fight there is no insurance at an exo and so next has big ladders on their website oh we have bitcoin insurance and they're insured for 100 million no they're not the coins are not there so anyway going back to um to our uh to our other topics here um so we have you want to cover some of the news you have that news slide um all right yeah nasty chime in if you have any comments or you want to well i think that ry has a few comments about the crypto news hi everyone oh we got a puffers he's a cutie all right so here we go so first if you missed it coin telegraph published the top 100 these are the 100 top people in crypto and we were not included in that list year after year we were uh not we didn't deserve to be on it and now we got we are right between stanley from ave and and the whale panda right we got squeezed between the panda and i love that panda that's so cute yeah yeah and uh so we showed you about the insurance stuff if you didn't read this article again tweet uh google this headline and you can read all about it uh this is a great thing so i i we have a new search engine that searches all of our videos so it's on celsius hub uh slash what does it say here i can't even see video library right and i put in just anything you could put anything you want but i put credit card and it gives you the video and the exact time stamp and you can go to the next and see when is the next video and so on so on right so so any topics you you want to learn about it will give you the video and the stamp and you can see all the places all the segments so like after this video if you put credit card you'll see ashley talking about it so tell us more about it ashley yeah so i mean we're we're still like heavily working on this we're scoping out um the people that are going to be joining the team uh to really get this product out as quickly as possible with all the best features so we're hoping for when when are people go when is the beta we're hoping for beta and q2 wait q2 we're in q1 so you're talking about like just a few months from now well remember how we were talking about how it's basically like dog years the same thing happens in reverse and how quickly we get things out right so yeah sorry on the last day of may i said that such card has never been created before am i exaggerating or you feel that what we're doing has never been done before no i'm really excited about what we're working on and we've we've got partners lined up um that are also very thrilled to be working with us and when we talk about the way that we want this program to work our partners are excited because they haven't seen things done in this way so just like we are transforming the way that people are saving money and earning yield we're gonna change the way people spend money and uh how they can get rewards and and how what is that functionality between the assets they hold with celsius and their ability to go you know to guitar center and get a ukulele so is it is it a global launch is it uh like are we all like i saw some people who talk all about the card and then it launched in singapore you know great like a population one you know we definitely we're looking at our customer base and we want to um bring this product to as many of our celsius users as we can so we're we and we have to set up this program a little differently in each region so there's different people involved on the back side for when we do this in the us versus how we do it in the uk or the eu so we're we're working on all of these areas at the same time and on the back end things will run a little bit differently but on the front end we want this product to look and feel the same globally so we're really really thrilled to get it off the ground and i've got some incredible people that are working with me on this here at celsius and um it's definitely the most exciting part of my job right now so i know you hired a few people but you're looking for a few more like how many job openings do you have like in general both for operations and for the card program and so on yeah so for up the operations team is growing quite a lot i just uh put out an offer this morning to someone who's going to be joining me here in the bay area um really excited to have them come we've got people joining in atlanta in the uk we're still searching for those kinds of people who are both creative and analytical because uh operations is a pretty tough gig um it requires a certain kind of person so i'm still you know interviewing people to join the team uh globally but when the card program is really gonna start getting off the ground we're gonna need i'd like to hire somebody with a lot of experience in the traditional card space who is kind of sick of the way that these products have been so predatory for consumers and they want to be a part of the change so we're looking for those sort of disenfranchised experts that are going to come and join our team so if you know someone who's you know worked in the credit card space we'd love to meet them because we need some people to help us here jobs at celsius.network right and and i think those jobs are open are listed on our website right under uh careers yeah on the careers page of our site we've got a bunch of jobs open right now there's not a specific posting for uh the this card program but we'll be posting things um probably by the end of february or early march all right so i'm sharing the screen and i just want to finish through the news section because we still have a bunch of other news that happened this week uh you're sharing yep yeah yeah all right perfect so so this was uh an article an op-ed i wrote about the robin hood gamestop stuff if you haven't read it again do a search uh a pretty good article here about uh what was done right and wrong and why all these guys are even the guys that call themselves robin hoods are not acting in your best interest um elon if you haven't seen tesla bought a billion and a half dollars worth of bitcoin and then they ran and announced oh by the way we forgot to file with the sec and here is our disclosure and this was investors money and we apologized like uh i love it like if you if you're the richest guy in the world and you have an infraction uh you don't even get a penalty you don't even get a slap on the head in crypto you make one mistake guess what you know uh that's the last mistake they'll allow you to do so but it's obviously great that tesla is buying uh bitcoin uh bitcoin jump like crazy after that uh here's another article that i was quoted on talking about this as well so if you haven't seen it um you should read it as well and um so what's the repercussion of this you got the richest man in the world he's a big supporter of bitcoin you've got a massive fortune 500 innovative company that's put bitcoin on the balance sheet like i mean this is the the inflection point right not the cell token inflection point but the bitcoin inflection yeah so so i i think uh both microstrategy and tesla and like there was an insurance company and there were a few other people who announced this and that is a watershed event because when when let's say you are like we we have several banks that reached out to us and said look we cannot pay our bills and i'm not talking about the jp morgans i'm talking about the little banks the community banks who are paying their customers they're trying to pay them a lot they're paying half of one percent which is five times more than jp morgan but the fed only pays them 0.2 percent so so you have all the insurance companies you have all these people stuck not being able to generate yield and when they look at crypto and they look at the yield like companies like ours ability to generate yield they're seeing tesla and others microstrategy basically betting on that against the dollar when you bet on bitcoin you're betting against the dollar and that is a watershed event every board meeting every conversation is now focused on okay should we do the same thing uh why aren't we earning some of this yield you know like i've heard someone using celsius to earn 12 and a half percent on their dollars why aren't we doing that right so it's a risk reward issue obviously there's still most of the companies in the world are going to say no it's too risky for us we're not doing it but you're going to see more and more and more of the savviest people again the the smartest people and the richest people not always the same people uh betting on this uh to basically uh diversify from just doing uh dollars right and we see the opposite effect too uber uh put out a statement that they said oh we have the bitcoin conversation and no one cares anything and their stock went down immediately that's right now the risk is not having bitcoin that's right and remember when you when you take that uber ride and you spend fifty dollars on that uber in in a few months that uber have cost you 150 because bitcoin continues to go up so why did you spend that bitcoin don't you want to pay with your dollars so for uber it's actually not a good thing right i mean meaning for people who use uber it's not a good thing uh so they're buying and con and collecting bitcoin tesla also said that they will sell cars in bitcoin and keep the bitcoin so again they're asking you tesla is saying hey give us your bitcoin we'll give you a car give us your bitcoin right so who if if the re the richest person in the world one is willing to give you his cars for bitcoin you should think twice about partying with your bitcoin come to celsius we'll give you a dollar loan you can keep your bitcoin and you can still afford the tesla so we'll do a better job than than just buying giving your bitcoins to elab and alex this is kind of exactly why we didn't want to just to connect it back to cards why we didn't want to just release a debit card because so everyone here on the on the stream knows it would be actually pretty easy for us to put out a debit card but we didn't want to do that because we didn't want to enable our users that the fastest way for them to spend with celsius was to liquidate their crypto that's not the kind of behavior that we're trying to encourage so it's yeah exactly the opposite of what we're here for exactly so i wanted to bring that up because you know if we really wanted to get something out to you we could have but it would have been an inferior product and it wouldn't be in the ethos of what we do yep so let's give some updates on dates i know a lot of people are saying okay so we've heard from ashley uh uh uh a credit card no not a debit card on dates with anyone alex i i know you're trying dead jokes just like me look at that i i did not have competition in that department i thought i was the only guy there but here we go so so yeah so q2 on the credit card again the credit card that does not spend your bitcoin okay the opposite of what everybody else is trying to sell you no fees right again we we don't need to make money from fees everybody else makes money for fees they want you to move the bitcoin they want you to buy and sell they want you to spend it on a tesla celsius just want you to sit on your hands and earn interest right the opposite of what everybody else is trying to get you to do all right so more dates here so in the united states uh people who will do kyc starting april will be doing it with the phone only no need for a driving license anymore so that's coming out in april that's a big big big improvement obviously is going to be mass much faster adoption much higher conversions with us not asking for those driver licenses and so on swap is still scheduled for early april end of march early april again you'll be able to buy inside app no fee no spreads you'll be able to switch any to any uh and uh settle instantly so no need to go outside the wallet if you need to buy or sell or go back into stable coins or any of that stuff right so all of that is good for you it's also good for us why because we're paying your withdrawal fees today so for us to give you that super efficient swap in the wall it saves us money uh as well right we've paid something like a million and a half dollars in withdrawal fees hefty withdrawal fees but we're not finishing we're not shutting down that program we're just fixing or adding functions to make it cheaper for us right to give you more reasons not to withdraw your coins outside us aren't in sale in april going to be live in april us all the u.s users who are accredited will be able to earn and sell all you have to do is show us the accreditation so you can go to what ashley you know how this works u.s investor uh i think we were talking about verify investor for this verifyingvestor.com that's right you don't have to wait it's good for a year you can go now get your verification and as long as you send it to us we'll add you to the program and basically you can earn on any coin you can earn and sell and we'll pay you still every week it's just that whatever you earn will be locked up for one year so that's the only limitation there but otherwise you can do everything earn just like anyone else higher rates higher rewards and everything else alex i am really excited for that me too everyone here understands that like we don't have special rules because you're an employee of celsius so like i am so excited to i mean i hope i get the accreditation letter but um this is a big this is a big deal yes it's it's a huge deal and again i can only apologize that it took us until april 2021 to do this so uh but it's coming i am gonna sit in the room with the programmers if i have to to make sure this goes out in april okay nook you're hearing me near hey all the guys in serbia i'm gonna come and sit on your desk and stare at you until this thing launches in april okay uh so uh web app right a lot of you are waiting for the web apps again full featured web app in uh in end of march okay so we're gonna have beta we're already in beta right now if you want to join the beta reach out to us we'll add you to the beta program we're going to also open it up for corporates still in february then going to do march a little bit of testing in march and then it's going to be available i think it first goes to the to the platinum group and then it's going to be open to everybody else but you'll be able to do again mobile or web or just web a full featured uh uh solution um right now we got 1400 viewers but only 400 likes please like the video share with everybody yeah what's going on guys i get more than that in my in any tweet that i do come on this is embarrassing i've always wanted to i've always wanted to say this okay smash the like button there it is you're a pro here we go yeah hey yeah alex there's something that we forgot to talk about yeah um this week we submitted our lending license applications for california and washington state that's right and you you were you worked super hard on that so me and zach are good yeah 8.7 billion 8.75 billion and that excludes a lot of people in california my god we open that states and the loan business and the deposit business just gonna rock it so so all of you in california who have not taken the loan from us because we blocked california we didn't have a lending license it's coming right so in a few months also the rest of the states uh in the next six months all states are going to be open right now i think only half of the states are open all states will be open for loans and again the one percent loans celsius is the only one with a one percent loan all that is coming to all states in the united states uh also uh we we have formed the company in australia it's live we've hired the first two people so in the next few weeks we'll be opening uh the australian uh lending program as well uh obviously you can deposit right now if you live in australia but you cannot take a loan so that's coming uh very soon and and uh again so one more thing that's very important so we're gonna allow you to see a bunch of stuff in the app without having to log in right so you just open the app you'll be able to see certain things that do not that we don't think uh risk anything from a security standpoint you want to take action you're going to have to log in so we make it even easier for you to see the data check if the interest all those little things that you guys do uh every day all right so that's coming as well and one thing to talk about one percent loans like at the last i mean we're in a massive bull market right now and people are making all kinds of money and they had to sell a lot of those coins in order to pay taxes or to buy that thing that they wanted or whatever it is but they didn't have the loan options that are available now like being able to take a one percent loan against your coins and pay almost nothing in interest is such a powerful financial tool i really hope everybody takes advantage of that that's right buy your tesla with a one percent loan don't give elon your bitcoin come on the richest guy in the world is tempting you what do you think come on right you know like alex you were tesla you should know better no i do not my wife didn't like the tesla i took i i rented one i took her on the long ride and she was not into it i don't know she likes like higher like you know like an suv range rover yeah like uh that feeling so i tried i i tried to go she was actually my life was offered when tesla just opened their first store and they're gonna open store nationwide she was offered that position to be the head of their all of the retail uh stuff and i said this was back in i think 2011 or something and i said to her tesla no you shouldn't work over there stay at the urban outfitters uh think it reminds me of that like uh you know so uh here we go so texas all of you texans uh complaining about how uh we do not accept or enable stable coins in texas i told you midland call midland bank and scream at them right but we found a solution you can now it's opening a wallet right now you can go buy or sell or move or transact and die we convince those guys that die is not a a stable coin it is a stable coin but we convinced this don't tell them no don't tell them so all of you texans who keep emailing me man i got like how many bethany how many emails did we get from those texans i mean like every day it's crazy so anyway so we didn't forget about you right we we found a crack in the wall we got died through it guess what the rest of the coins are coming too we're not giving up so we'll keep the fight we have an office in austin we have like several employees they're four or five people there and those guys are are going to do whatever if they have to go and demonstrate they're going to go and demonstrate but we're going to get some of these coins through you're going to have a seam out there with a banner we we won usdc we want uh yeah exactly um all right so um oh in the uk guess what all loans in the uk zero percent even better than americans now right we're a uk company we want to do something special for our uk friends zero percent no interest you just take a loan cost you nothing right you return the funds you get your coins back nothing happens you can do better than that so we love you guys in the uk and we managed to get this done and get again 1300 page filing with fca 1300 pages if you haven't seen a provisional license it's on our website took a long time to convince them they give us thumbs up zero percent interest love it and give hey i'm actually going to have a wiggle here in a minute uh do you have any quartering words first thank you for joining us today oh it was really fun to be here with you guys today um i'm really excited about everything that we're working on and um it's so fun to i get i don't normally get to be in the front of the house like this and see everybody i'm usually in the background um but it was really fun to be here and i'm actually going to go because i have to attend a wedding on zoom 2021. is it true that you can officiate weddings but only on ships so well i actually can officiate weddings i'm i'm uh an officiant but for this wedding i'm not uh performing the wedding i'm just attending yeah you should have taken them on the boat and got them officiated and came back you know come on anyway so thank you ashley we love you you you're amazing can can we can you find us another three or four ashley's because we need the help come on yeah i would really love to get more wedding in the wedding ask anyone hey great you have people you just hire them anyone who says yes because we need to hire like a hundred people anyone actually alex you know one of our lawyers one of our lawyers that we brought on i met at a wedding in spain really yeah here we go you see me and she heard i worked in crypto and we started chatting and now we work with her perfect i love it you know serendipity is is all around us and you never know who is just the right person so if you have the passion if you love what we're doing we're hiring all the time again if you want to talk to ashley you're going to be really upset if i gave your email right no i mean jobs jobs at celsius.network you know only i give my my email ceo at celsius.network so just if you want to work for ashley send me that email to ceo at celsius.network and i will send it yeah he'll afford it i mean that's hilarious that you're protecting me but you give out your email well because i i can't do what you do i cannot run operations but i can definitely forward some emails oh okay well i'll wait for those emails to start coming in over the weekend but thanks for having me guys thanks for joining us go go to that wedding thanks for being here see ya i don't know how to hang up so i'm just going to here hang on all right so uh let's see what else here i have a few more items um yeah well after we do a few more items we're going to have rapid fire so please post your question in the chat again all caps question um and then put your referral code in there uh we got all of last week's people's rewards set up they're gonna be deposited or sent to your account uh through the back office so don't worry about that they're coming and we're going to do it again so question all caps ask your question and keep your referral code in there so we can pay those rewards all right what are we up to on the on the likes okay let's check the likes here that's how are the fans how are you doing today alex just really uh determines your skills so far we've got 897 likes i think we could get it no no we said we're gonna cross a thousand come on press the button when you get 1000 likes hit the button do it uh so we talked about earlier let's see what else we got here we added bnt right so if you're a bancor fan we are big bank affairs just like we invented this whole idea about yield guess what was the first uh uh uniswap before uniswap the real company that started it all was bancor right they created the first am they invented the whole idea and they're now innovated they created a new version that does not have impermanent loss if you don't know what that is look it up and we're working closely with them so we're adding b and t and they're adding cell and we're going to be announcing a bunch of different things and so we love those guys and it's great to have them in the wallet and let's see what else we got here all right let's hit the questions i think we're good for now okay all right great question here um when you were on um the crypto pro with charles hoskinson you talked about maybe putting some celsius services on the cardano blockchain and it created a little confusion could you give us some clarity there there's no confusion i was talking to charles yesterday also we we love cardano we love ada um we have some technical issues to resolve to add add ada into the wallet so it's coming as i think we mentioned several times in q2 but before that even before it comes to the wallet we can do certain things with cardano and can't talk about it yet it's one of those big announcements that i can't make uh i'm very excited very anxious uh charles also is very excited i think it's it's definitely gonna be again this is the first time somebody has done all this right so it will be a big announcement and i think uh um you know all of you are gonna be pleasantly surprised so again we don't have an exclusive relationship it's not like we chose to move away from ethereum or we don't work with polka dot obviously we also announced that dot is being added to the wallet and we work with companies on the on the polka dot chain as well so but i think uh what cardano is building is special right the the virtual machine the ability to support to be compatible on the smart contracts in and out so everything we're building is not just on the cardinal network but it's tough that you will be able to transact across 14 different blockchain anything you can do with celsius you will be able to then also transact or continue a transaction on the cardano network so these are things that or the other way around if you're coming from cardano you'll be able to continue your transaction with anything that celsius supports so i think as as we always do we build bridges to d5 to c5 to fintech traditional fintech right banks and and swift and inter-ban and all this other stuff that's that no one wants to hear about right the legacy financial system and those bridges like d5 doesn't do that right the pure defy can't do any of those things because they're not compliant right so what's unique about celsius is that we are the compliance bridge we are fully compliant in now over 200 countries uh and that enables us to be the bridge and still convince regulators that what we're doing on the defy side is all kosher so next question all right that was a rapid fire version of an answer about cardano there you go okay um question could we ever get our paychecks directly to celsius add our routing account number uh or pay the bills or stable coins yeah in q2 you'll be able to do that so we are again doing another transaction very large transactions over 100 million dollars uh where we are going to be able to do all those things in many many countries at once uh it's coming in q2 again can't talk about it none of these things i just talked about are the mega deals not to be confused with the two mega deals not to be confused with uh two exchanges that already uh confirmed that they're listing us [Music] you're teasing us right you're tickling us with these that's why i'm so frustrated i'm so frustrated because i was sure that this week i'll be able to get on the ama and announce a few things actually use some real names and and again i'm talking to my team right now hey guys get me some names to announce in my ama okay all 200 of you can you get me some names next question all right let's see what we got here a lot of activity in the cat today thank you everybody we did hit our thousand likes and uh i think we have a lot of all-time favorites the celsius army you just ask them anything and they'll like just deliver in five minutes you know that's what i wanted to say with we notice on twitter when someone's attacking celsius or or giving us a hard time or coming after alex unfairly like thank you guys so much for being like white blood cells attacking an affection that is why we could not appreciate that more yeah i love that love the analogy so by the way i want to spay say special thanks to tom if you've been on our uh uh uh youtube channel there are hundreds of new videos hundreds of them right and and bethany's gonna scroll down so here's a wait go up for a second i just want to show these so uh a moip show with dash uh you know like content video like uh cell bites right like specific topics uh hundreds and hundreds of these things that we've created so if you're uh if you wanna learn again use the search engine find the video uh i think by the time tom is down we'll have several thousand videos there uh there's about a lot our library is about 750 and then we're going to create these sell bytes so we're going to get so anything you want to learn about we already have a video about it so if you like to consume content with video like me and not read stuff this is heaven heaven for all of you guys right use that tool to there's a lot of new people that have questions that we've probably answered before all right use that story yeah question here is there time frame uh for the earning interest flexibility um such as earning bitcoin off of my usdc for example time frame what does the mean time frame like uh when is the launch date when are you pressing the button so i can earn bitcoin on my usbc right so any to any i think is uh q3 and so you'll be able to earn anything with anything right so you can again if you are the safest guy in the world okay great take some stable coins like usdc earn bitcoin on it so the interest the the interest is in a risky coin like cell or bitcoin or anything else but you're not really risking your principle right so that's coming in q3 any to any uh but before that we're probably going to enable a few of them first and then any to any so just quick stats before while you're looking for the next question 18 000 new registrations uh 237 million uh net transfers net uh sorry 88 million net transfers and 237 million in gross transfers right next question you say 88 million like it's you know no big deal 88 million dollars i know i apologize that it did sound like it's nothing but uh we thank you all for trusting us with 8.75 billion dollars the amazing thing is that we are not just deploying all of that but we're raising the rates i mean the stable coin rate and again i have tens of millions of dollars in it right in celsius just in in in usdc and usdt and other coins and like when the team came and said look we don't have enough stable coins and we're raising the rate i was like that is amazing how are you guys generating this amazing yield so i want to thank the team again everybody on the desk business development all those guys are working around the clock uh the finance team for delivering this for the community i mean i mean most people when we started this right most people told us you will not be able to do this with a billion dollars guess what we're doing it with almost 10 billion dollars all right we have a guest another guest joining us right so here we're going to give you you got to switch with me because i'm i'm on the computer so here we go oh okay hello hello hello how is everyone okay thought for valentine's day right i would share some of the feedback from the community some love notes uh from people that uh the celsius community has changed their lives for the better that's great i love it yeah i uh i still have to think what am i doing for valentine's day because uh i have to do better than last year and you're running out of time huh so let's see this letter from deepak um i continue to be truly amazed and inspired by your vision of the future system of money and the principles that drive it through your simple mantra of saving and investing diversely even small amounts i've been able to save a good amount of money fiat and crypto for the first time in my life even if you take the crypto market out of it your advice is totally spot on for helping people build wealth hats off to you yeah i i saw that email too and it was really heart touching so thank you for sharing it with us and and definitely uh that's what keeps us all going right when we get these kind of uh thanks and wishes best wishes and we wish all of it on you as well and your family next is a customer from california anonymous love letter hi alex i know you are busy but i just wanted to thank you and your amazing team for doing such a great job on improving the crypto community i want to share with you how you have improved my life one before celsius i was only actively participating in d5 using self-custody wallets such as metamask by myself so when i wanted to claim rewards the network fees would eat away at all of the interest so i had to claim very infrequently once a quarter at best which means i was basically earning simple interest but with celsius rewarding weekly i'm now earning compound interest and this helps balance the twenty percent loss of not doing it on my own two before no fees before celsius i tried to teach my wife on how to be our own bank i showed her the importance of cold storage of keys and how to access different d5 websites and how to claim rewards and transacting to and from crypto and fiat being a tech person this all felt so natural to me but she is not a tech person i cannot i could tell this was all too overwhelming my wife is so much better at me in practically all other aspects of life but tech is the one subject i have the edge and i could tell that being our own digital bank was not going to work my wife would sometimes remind me not to die on her something she would never said to me in her 10 years of marriage i could tell my financial actions were causing her anxiety even though we were making more money i withdrew a large percentage but not all from d5 and self-custody wallets and put them into my celsius account i showed her how to use the app of celsius and she was so excited about the simplicity and the fact that professionals were now handling the process of earning interest i can tell her anxiety was substantially dropped because now she feels she can handle our assets she even started learning more crypto and practiced explaining the difference between eth and btc to me so overall thank you alex and celsius for improving our finances but also more importantly thank you for helping me maintain a healthy relationship with my wife i wish you and the celsius community the best of luck in your community your continued sex yeah very good very good and definitely we're feeling a surge of women coming into crypto in the last month and we just had our first uh clubhouse uh uh gathering and i think it was what like at least 30 or 40 women so that was amazing and uh also in the registration we're seeing a big big increase so we love that and again all of us right i mean we're still 85 men in crypto you you you want all of your coins to be worth more bring in another 50 million women right out of the 100 million let's make it 50 million women right that's what we need to do so here is somebody who's doing it very well right again helping educate and train i did the same thing with chrissy kind of walking her through the celsius wallet and and so you have to do the same thing you you have to invest the time right yeah i mean to to educate people okay great any other one so that's it great valentine's day everybody you're not staying you want to answer some of the questions we have some great let's go get ready for happy hour zach next question come on it's two o'clock day happy hour come on yeah it's five o'clock somewhere sorry you're going live on usa strong that's what you said right yeah all right we'll see you later everybody all right thank you chrissy thank you i i i i can't follow that act you know like how can i can do better than that all right so let's talk a little bit we still have the valentine's day promo code live right the 50 yeah it ends this sunday so if you have not gotten a loan you're interested in getting a loan now is gonna be the time like this reward will basically wipe off any interest that you pay on that loan so it's almost free um it's loan love at a loan for 500. gets you a 50 dollar reward don't we everything run the promo come on oh yeah see if we can pull the um that video from last week sorry to put you on the spot but uh and then uh i think [Music] [Music] there it is money for your honey yep all right great so um so i was on kidko news if you missed it again it's on our channel it's one of the latest videos to be posted a good interview that kind of gives you a good idea about uh what's happening with um with the entire financial community not just crypto and uh let's see what else we got all right let's hit some more questions okay uh question here how do i contact the otc desk very simple you message otc at celsius.network anytime the first one on top otc celsius.network if you forget all these addresses just remember to go to youtube search celsius network go to one of the videos and just look at the screen right it's all written here for you it's a permanent record so you don't have to remember it ceo at celsius that network jobs at celsius that network otcus.network right app at celsius.network loans at celsius.network right don't send it to the general email you want to you have an issue specific about loans send it to loans you'll get immediate response we just hired four new pull into the loan department and uh so we are cranking up in all areas to really help support you better uh and all right next question when is celsius coming to germany uh very soon so we we we have an agreement with the local bank we're just waiting for them to uh finish some few things so we can announce it again it's one of those announcements i was hoping to do uh here today uh so i think maybe another week two we'll be making that announcement that germany is officially open but in the meantime if you're if you want to earn yield in the meantime you don't have to wait you can go to bitwala which is one of our partners we will continue supporting bitwala and you can officially deposit bitcoin with them and earn yield uh the same way you would be doing with us question all right we had some changes to the uh the tier system the platinum tier system uh could you talk a little bit about that and why we did that sure so so if you remember a few months ago we basically took from the rich and created a new tier all the way at the bottom zero to five percent so even for the people that had no uh sell or a little bit of sell we wanted them to share the same experience that most of you have right the majority of celsius are earning and sell and uh so that was one thing we've done more recently we've taken a little bit more from platinum i'm the largest platinum holder and believe me yes i took something out of my pocket and we gave more to the gold tier because we felt that the gold tier was not represented properly so you'll see the new tiers are basically giving a little bit more to gold a little bit less from platinum but now everybody's earning and sell and wants to can earn and sell and and so that's why we did it and it's effective i think next week right yes yeah yes so you're still earning normal but starting next week the highest tier is going to be 25 and and so on so on so all of that is updated on our website you'll be able to see it also the newsletter and so on next question all right um how can i convince my friends to move from or move to celsius from block five in other competitors for that matter yeah it's very easy look we pay 50 more we pay 50 more on bitcoin we pay 50 percent more on eth we pay 50 and more on stable coins now a lot of people are get confused by the teaser rate that blockfy has but if you have more than two bitcoins or you have more than 100 eth or any amount of of usdc you effectively are earning less again celsius has two billion dollars on our balance sheet block five has less than 25 million that's why they're running around town trying to raise money because they're losing money they need to replenish uh so who's safer the guys never got hacked celsius or the guys who got hacked just do a search you know and they're they're doing another a d round right there they're raising even more money yeah d rated the d rated companies doing a d-ride hack right here we go i just can you put this on the screen here okay here we go this is not so you know that i'm not making this stuff up and you can find a hundred articles about this about how block file got hacked and how they stole all the customer data you will not find anything like this about celsius we were never hacked so if you want to convince people you know that celsius is better use all of those arguments because they're all true and they're all public information it's just that the new people the people who are just joining crypto they're not going and searching right they're not looking at stuff that is six months old right so so those are all arguments that i think clearly demonstrate that we do more for our customers we act in your best interests we're safer we have more assets under management we have more uh we've paid five times more interest let me show that okay here let's go to twitter right uh twitter and you can see that like if you look at um who paid mortgage right sorry that was a great chart yeah i just tweeted this right this is a chart from crypto studio they did an analysis of celsius versus block fi so if if let's say we have the same amount of of assets how come we paid five times more interest than they did what does it tell you just show this chart to your customer to your to your friends right and say look no matter how you cut it in dollar terms celsius pays much much more to its community so you think you're earning the same but with celsius you will order multiples of what you're earning in block fight in absolute dollars next question all right um question here from uh bjorn is celsius network still profitable yes we're profitable we have not had any hacks we have not had any institutions that defaulted or didn't pass back so we're still in exactly the same position we were last week and i will continue making those statements if something changes i will tell you the truth i promise you i will tell you the truth if any of these things do not continue to be true next question all right um what happened to iota in the app it used to be on the coming soon but it looks like it got removed the only we love iota uh the only thing that's missing there is for our custodian to support it and and unfortunately they are uh they are they have so many coins that they're uh you know that they're trying to get through the finish line the day ayotte got bumped down they promised us it's going to get down but it didn't get done so uh that and ada and some of the other ones got a higher priority uh and uh we're going to get it through it's just going to take a little bit more time but nothing wrong with iota [Music] all right question from shadowhawk is celsius a good substitute for a typical high yield savings account i don't think they have high yield savings accounts anymore is celsius what a good substitute for a high yield savings substitute find me a good high yield savings account and and we can talk right there is no substitute next question all right um when will okay so that's about that do do do if the if the celsius reserves were hacked uh would the self-insurance cover it if the celsius reserves that so the self-insurance is not covering celsius it only covers the community right the community contributes the assets and the community can be paid from the assets from those assets it's not covering celsius next question all right well celsius uh be looking to expand in the nft space yeah so look we're waiting for nft to be big enough to matter right right now it's still a very very small community i know a lot of people love nft it needs to have enough liquidity right let's say you give me an nft and you want to loan against it and you run away with the money the money i gave you is my community money it's not celsius money right we we took money from the community somebody deposited usdc and i gave it to you i need to make sure that i can get it back so if i cannot sell the nft and at least recover what we gave you uh we cannot lend you those dollars today the liquidity in nfts is just too small right we cannot do that and that's why we're not supporting nfts yet next question all right uh many dogs asking i'm moving countries do i need to change my kyc you do not need to do anything right kyc is is about really about yes it is about where you live but it's more about what citizen you are what is your id uh so we can verify that you're not a bad actor you're not a terrorist you're not right when authorities ask us they don't care where you live they just care about is this person one of your customers is this bad person one of your customers right that's the kind of questions that they ask here is a bad transaction did one of your customers do one of these bad transactions right these are the questions that they have next question all right uh chuck t is asking i'm trying to deposit a couple million on usdc but i can't see it on the app what happened if you're in a state that is blocking for some reason like right now there's a problem in new york state right there's a problem technical problem it's not even a compliance problem and we're waiting for our vendor in this case prime trust to resolve it and then we will enable it again the the funny thing is that if you just drive your car across the bridge to new jersey you go to one of the one of my favorite restaurants is in in uh um no not hoboken in uh what no uh in uh right right off the george washington bridge sorry i i blacked out you didn't make me enough coffee i'm like i'm not functioning wow i blacked out anyway but but if you just go to new jersey you can you will see that usdc appear and you can make the deposit we we we have to comply with certain laws and if our custodian has an issue we cannot reroute that deposit somewhere else so because of that we block it until they solve their issue and then we can put it back again so um so for now uh we'll we'll pay to go to new jersey and and uh the name of the restaurant is baumgardt and i forgot the name of the town my god but the restaurant is vanguard so uh all right justin's asking how did you get the uk authorities to agree to a zero percent loan so so it's very easy actually look the the regulator the authorities want you to give as much as possible to the customer they love the fact that you're not charging interest the hard part is usually to convince them that you don't have any hidden fees or hidden uh like gotchas or that you're not gonna steal these guys money and things like that right so so the the process involves showing them that you're a good actor showing them that you've been operating for three years you have no complaints and then they get comfortable right because they are there to protect the innocent they're there to protect the people that don't understand or don't read you know the terms and conditions that are usually 10 pages long right so so we don't have any gotcha we don't have as you know we always act in your best interest so it wasn't very difficult to do that and actually they gave us the fca gave us uh a very high marks for being the best applications they've ever seen in crypto application that i've ever seen so so uh so we definitely uh got thumbs up again none of our competitors are on that list right that showed it to you last week next with elon musk buying uh a billion and a half bitcoin who knows how much to work now um are we contacting him are we gonna get elon musk to hold his bitcoin with celsius can we get the community to reach out to elon musk and say hey you need to look at celsius you need to look at celsius yep yeah so uh so we are talking to tesla about a joint program so anyone any celsiun who wants to buy a car you're just going to click on a button and we're going over the car buy the car for you with the loan and that we will issue to tesla so you can not sell your bitcoin not give it to elon musk right buy it with bitcoin but rather get a one percent loan and which is obviously great for you not so great for tesla so we are giving you that experience that you got it against your bitcoin but with you still keeping the bitcoin so that's what we're working on and and uh obviously again they have to agree to it right but but uh that's what we're trying to do as an example next question beautiful um are stable coins as reliable as and and if you want that you can you can try to ask for it so let us know those of you who want to buy a tesla who are interested we need to know we want to be able to go and say we have 20 customers of 50 customers or 100 customers that are interested in this it's obviously much easier for us to get these type of programs if we have a a good set of customers up front next question uh are stable coins as reliable as cash yeah so so when you we don't issue stable code right stable coins are issued by trust companies and like like coinbase or like paxos or others and they are they have to but i think by law they have to when you give them dollars and they give you that stable coin by law they have to buy a treasury right u.s treasury so it's actually safer than the bank because your bank when you give them dollars they give you an iou they just give you something in terms and conditions says hey when you need money come back to us we'll give it back to you but if they can't give it back to you there's nothing you can do again about the bank right there's no recourse you can sue them whatever go to go try to see one of the banks with the trust companies it goes against your uh um your treasury so you know at any time uh the issuer can sell the treasuries and give you the money back it's in my view it's my opinion not a legal opinion in my view stable coins are better than bank deposits that okay um bob is asking how do you see the large banks getting involved with bitcoin in the future will it affect celsius in any way yeah so it's an opportunity for celsius we see the small banks uh uh coming to crypto for yield and we hope to cooperate with them again we're building these systems all this investment that we're making is to enable uh the the family banks the community banks the trust companies all of those guys that are not the top banks not the too big to fail those are not enemies of ours right those are our friends the the the banks that are not your friends are the large banks that are too big to fail that are treating you like garbage that are could care less if you uh didn't earn anything could care less if you if you know if you they didn't approve a job your loan after you lost your job and things like that so so we want to empower the people who do care for you and and take away the power from the people who don't care for you take away the power by moving money moving deposits away from them and into either our uh custody or into the hands of the banks that are our friends so we we have several banks that we're already working with and hopefully again we'll be publishing names and and helping and directing you to work with those like some of the stuff we're doing with the credit cards and other things are all with collaboration with different banks so like the bank in germany that i was talking about that i can't talk about yet we have several banks in the united states that i can't talk about but my team hopefully let's let's cut a deal okay if they don't give me names every ama i'm just going to spill the beans and they're all going to be jumping and going alex don't say anything the community wants names that's the only way that's the only way to get my team to actually give me some names okay give me names or i'm just going to cough them up next okay now we're going to learn the lesson now i can tell you that much they're going to be like oh can celsius raise money uh to buy bitcoin like microstrategy did yeah so look our our business uh first we told you we have a mining operation so so we do make bitcoin but uh our business is not to take uh risks or directional risks right so so microstrategy has a treasury they have two billion dollars so now it's probably three billion dollars worth of crypto and they can take that risk and we cannot take that risk we're definitely not going to take that risk with your capital uh but our job is to create yield give you most of it keep ourselves profitable grow uh in a sustainable way uh if we can just do that uh you win and we win if we start taking huge risks you don't win next question it's crazy to think like um yes even some of the biggest companies now that everyone uses like uber are not profitable companies they're they've never made money how is it like yeah it's worse than that microstrategy the amount of money that microstrategy made on bitcoin the profit right is more than microstrategy has made in the last 20 years so they made more money on bitcoin in one year than all their profits put together in the last 20 years same thing with tesla tesla made more money with this one buy over a billion and a half dollars then tesla as a whole made in 20 years of existing as a as a company so so obviously that's why you see people get super excited you can be you can build this amazing company called tesla and in in a few months uh you make more income right we talk about income not the value of the company but you make more income from bitcoin than you're making running tesla for 20 years next question all right um mr pryor's asking alex where do you see celsius in five years where do you want to see this company what do you want to see us doing yeah so so in dog years that's like 35 years so that's the right question where do you see yourself in 35 years so uh look we we think we will continue we we grew asset 10x in the last year right so we went from 550 million we're 8.75 billion i mean i'm still shocked like saying that number is just a crazy number right and let's see if this fight refreshed if we'll see if the number no it's still the old number i can't get the number to refresh on our site and so so we we definitely see ourselves managing you know i don't know 100 billion something like that of customers assets and and still creating yield the highest yield that you can get anywhere else that's really our plan we focused on that we're gonna stay the best in the world at that and if you stay with us you will earn more five times more than the other guy that you think is paying you more no they're not just count it in dollars and you will see who is actually paying you more and is this going to be a scalable business at a hundred billion or a trillion yeah look so so the world's largest asset managers are a managing trillions of dollars not they don't count it in billions right so if you look at fidelity or you look at a blackrock or you look at any of the mega mega asset managers they count their assets in trillions right so so and they deliver uh returns or yield because they invest in the stock market and invest in commodities and all kind of other stuff right so we're just another asset class right and it just happens right now that this asset class is flying high and is delivering yield uh but you know we still are nothing where we're not even on the map when you compare it to some of the giants out there so we don't see any problem again even at 100 billion in assets next question all right uh can is asking is buying cell token does that mean you're investing in the future of celsius yeah so so again celsius has two components right one is the sell token and the other one is uh a uh the equity uh and when you when you buy the sell token you're basically voting uh yes or no you're voting with the community on uh on basically your need or your your will wanting to earn uh more interest right because you're going to get that 25 bonus a 25 uh premium and uh oh we have another guest here look [Music] our new our latest you know the camera is over there okay all right so can you answer this one question about crypto try all right so i'm finishing the last one so this is our jordan our eight-year-old who's much more busy with his games with his gaming than he is learning about uh what does that do what what company do i run uh running selling microphones all right well this is not a joke people ow thousands of people are watching you oh i am oh hello world [Music] what company did we run what company are we busy why is that so busy that he doesn't have time to play with you well he's probably uh yeah the answer right there yeah 41 he's literally have the answer why do you want to know it again smarty pants he's looking at the celsius yeah so oh yeah this is the old number so alexis spinning the old number how much the celsius have in assets this yeah uh that's one two three and that's i'm pretty sure that's uh no that would be a thousand million billion okay so 7.5 7.5 bill 7.5 billion all right that's the old number the new number is eight 8.75 all right so next question let's go to the next question all right let's see let's get a question for jordan uh they said please bring jordan in every live session jordan are you a uh are you a hodler or you're a speculator um do you keep your coins or not somebody walked into his room and stole all of his coins right i threw them in your face okay if you behave like this you can get off the stage you're not you're not being nice to you're not answering okay all right we couldn't get him to answer a single question all right next question all right uh let's see here um thank you guys everyone for so much um views today so many likes we're we're breaking records um what was the payout this week now it's 5.8 million and then i expect next week will be even larger um there's that great video from daniel that the people that had super bowl ads they paid five million dollars to be shown for 30 seconds but we decided to pay our community that's one million dollars yes we took the same five million that it takes to buy one commercial and we fed the several hundred thousand people all over the world our customers right and so you tell me what's better uh running a vanity campaign or uh or giving all that money to people who are huddlers whose life you're changing who send you these emails that my wife was reading so we we love giving it all back a lot of people ask us why don't we advertise why don't you give uh why don't you run big ads and tell everybody how much better you are than other people that's what we do on the show i'd rather do it here than give it to google or facebook or twitter or any of those other guys so rather give you a higher interest rate and we can sell we can win this by just convincing everybody else that celsius pays more even though a lot of you who do your own d5 when you count the fees and you count all the money you lost because of rock pools and everything else and all the problems you had you will see that we pay you more next question the another plug-in we had a clubhouse event last tuesday and it was phenomenal um so please join us again uh tuesday 8 p.m eastern get a clubhouse invite come join us we had alex we had kim wasseem kyle myself a bunch of celsius um amazing event we'll be doing it again please join us currently only available on in the app store not available on android yet next question okay um what about the second equity round are we going to be able to participate is there going to be one soon yeah so if we're doing another round we will allocate uh at least uh 20 million i promise we will allocate at least 20 million for the community and we will do the same kind of thing where we give a pro rata location and and both our existing people who people already got on the bus as well as new people uh will be able to come and join us again it will be limited to 100 in the us unlimited international so look out for it we'll be announcing it when it is coming next question here's a good one alex where can we get a hodl t-shirt yeah so these are the new shirts my wife made if you see it's a little different than the other one here we go right so if you go on our site i think it's under the cell token right so two places so one you can go to the swag shop am i are you sharing my screen yeah you're up yes the swag shop on the community so if you click on this it will take you to this workshop and also if you're looking at white trust celsius i think it's there let me see i don't remember people all over the world are wearing the swag now so you're going to bump into people at the airport or at the restaurant or traveling or hodlers and no kind of create that bond that's right and then and it's real community i mean people will come to you and talk to you and so if you don't want to talk to strangers don't put your t-shirt your celsius shirt on because people will definitely talk to it's happening all the time so here under uh cell token if you scroll down you have links directly to the shirt i'm wearing and those we we got those down at 18 so you can buy a few right we got them cheaper and we're not making any money on this this is a pass through and they're made in the united states all this site only ships in the united states if you're shipping overseas use the swag shop okay because the swag shop ships worldwide all right next question okay um okay i'm gonna get one more good one we're running out of time here um a lot of people they want to know more about cardano they want to know when it's going to be actually added to the app and is there really going to be a close partnership between you two yes there is again cordano is just launching right it's just launching its uh main event uh so um we are uh you know we're going to have to test everything we're gonna have to wait for them to finish certain things the evm and other things uh but you know we're basically relying on the shelley release to build things from there and we do have hackathons if you are interested in participating in the cardano uh dev if you're a big cordano fan and you know the code cold we'll add you to the hackathon so again email me uh ceo at celsius.network and we will connect you to the uh you know the alpha the team that's kind of like hacking through the alpha uh with cordano right we're looking for people no more than us next question okay i got a great last one here um he's asking can i use the web 40 promo and a referral code and uh no these are just uh for the first time users so like i said earlier we just raised the referral code rewards to 30 each so you bring a friend to celsius they make a 200 transfer they're gonna get thirty dollars in bitcoin and you're gonna get thirty dollars in bitcoin so you guys are are getting the rewards the first one is google yeah it used to be ten plus ten then it became twenty plus twenty now it's thirty plus thirty again we we ramped it up right it's a 3x of what it used to be so if you were like i can't make a lot of money in this we have people that introduce thousands of newbies into celsius like if you if you introduce a thousand people you get thirty thousand dollars in rewards and you got that in bitcoin now bitcoin is up 5x so you made 150 000 right we're not talking about little money here right so so definitely use this it's right in your wallet you just go into your profile and you look at your uh at your code you share that code on twitter on telegram anywhere else your email you do videos like this on youtube and uh um you know do we have a giveaway what do we have this time zach do we have a uh i know a lot of people are waiting all the way to the end to to uh no no we don't have anything prepped we want to push let's get one winner let's ask one question and anyone who posts there we will give them a hundred dollars so what's the question we want to have okay the big money question the big money question you want do you want to ask a question or do you want them to ask you the best question yeah you ask us the best question we'll pick one of the stream put your promo code and use that promo code also to make 30 bucks right every time you introduce a friend so i'm gonna give it a sec or two and then we're gonna pick one the lucky winner gets a hundred dollars and so here pick pick one of these questions and we'll we'll that will be our our lucky winner for this for this week okay we'll call it we'll call it um oh here's something interesting uh oh no no i guess we'll pass that oh oh there we can't talk about that one um let's go with [Laughter] oh man alex they're they're smoking you right now there's some mad talk going on bye bye bye well six is a year otc otc needs to be accredited not if you're u.s or not if you're outside the u.s when will okay here we go everyone loves the price prediction so alex price prediction for 2021 what's it going to be yeah so i'm making it super super difficult because i'm going to make two predictions one is if we go above 160 000 and then we finish the year below a hundred thousand now i know a lot of you are going like we now we're going to the moon blah blah blah you go up too fast too much too fast you will be have a retrenchment it doesn't mean it's going not going higher after that we will hit 200 thousand and 300 000 in 2022 i'm just talking about this year uh we're gonna break through new highs all-time highs right set a whole time record again above 160 000 but i think we're gonna have a retrenchment all right too many speculators too many people buying on margin so unfortunately going to have a correction so those are my predictions and you have your winner and i want to thank you all thanks for joining us i think again we broke the record for all the celsius uh previous record on youtube so come on we have about 33 000 subs please share this with everyone we want to get to 100 000 uh of subs on youtube share the video hit the like button the reminder button if you want to get this content that tom puts out one to two videos a day definitely register with us and we'll see you next week have a good one don't forget to huddle

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